Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Times!!

Whew! Now that was a long hiatus! I don't typically take this long to post but it's been a busy first 6 months of the year! In the past 6 months I've gained two precious family members, my nephew- Omar and my niece- Emilia!  We also took a trip to Miami to watch my sister-in-law Carla get married to our awesome new brother-in-law Max! So I guess that makes it 3 new family members, we're busting the seams with all the good times!

As an additional plus I got to spend good quality time with my sister Julie & her family, which was so special and fun, but unfortunately I didn't get one single picture with my "good camera"- but if you follow me on Instagram I captured all the fun times with them in Miami!

The happy little ring bearers and the flower girl!

 Our sweet family we don't see enough of!

My handsome little dudes!

 Guillermo and his beautiful mom.  Guillermo officiated the wedding and he did such a great job! I was so proud of him!

 This adorable little hot mess! :)

 I am so thankful for our family, it was such a fun wedding and weekend!

Our precious Emilia!

And our precious little Omar!

Viviana was in baby heaven!

 I am so happy for Carla & Max!

Major congrats to our sweet Mr. & Mrs. Gutierrez!

 On a trip to St. Croix, Abuela & Abuelo brought the kids matching clothes! So, of course that means PHOTO SHOOT!! (at the lovely, picturesque Hampton Park)

 My three little ducks watching the little ducks.

 Can you believe this guy turned 9 (!!!) in May!! Holy Batman Robin, time, PLEASE slow down!

The kids are LOVING being out of school and I love it too.  I hope & pray this summer goes by slowly, calmly and full of quality family time!

I hope you're out there having fun!! Happy June!

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