Friday, December 18, 2015

Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios

Our last day was at the Hollywood Studios and it was just our family. I didn't realize that they had so much Star Wars, so we were all super excited!!


When I was young this was my favorite park. I was so mesmerized by the movie making industry  and I dreamed about becoming an actress.  It was cute to see the kids watch the Indiana Jones show and even cuter to see Judah wear this hat- the same hat I had as a kid! I love Quinn's hat too!

and we wanted every pair of Minnie mouse ears we saw too!!


We all agreed, the best thing we saw the entire time we were there was the Fantasmic Show. It was the best grand finale we could have for our trip.  I misunderstood the time the show started because of my fast pass so we got there an hour early- so we had front row seats and it was so amazing!!

These poor quality photos were from my camera phone but I literally was tearing up when all the Disney princesses were coming by on their boats.... to see your kids in pure awe & wonder is so special.

Walt Disney is such an inspiring person.  To read his quotes all over the parks, to see his legacy I am truly inspired.  He was so creative, and had such an incredible imagination.   There were so many amazing facets about the trip, in every single way God made it perfect. The kids were (almost) perfect. The house we stayed in was perfect. The drive was perfect.  I felt inspired, I felt the magic, I felt so much love for the kids to see them have so much fun, it was such an incredible time!

Disney Day 2 & 3: Epcot & Animal Kingdom

Epcot is truly the playground for adults more than kids, we had SO much fun, I wish we had more time to spend there. It was the food & beverage week, so every where you went there was delicious food & drinks! We tried to make our way around the whole park but we only got to about half of it....

Do you remember Spaceship Earth? I remember the animatronic characters from when I was a kid! It's really fun and the kids got a kick out of seeing themselves in the "future".

I can't tell you how amazing it is to go on a trip with these peeps. I LOVE the Nizams!  And we all LOVED Test Track. When the ride sped up sooo fast around the outside track the look of excitement on Quinn's face is something I'll remember for the rest of my life!!

Can you tell Guillermo is in HIS favorite park??

Everything was so picturesque!

My Mom bought me a souvenir, the cutest little cuckoo clock I've ever seen & it's an ornament!


The day we were at Epcot was the terrorist attack in France, this was pretty moving to see the replica of the Eiffel Tower all lit up at Epcot.
Day 3 was the Animal Kingdom!

I am still so blown away on how many rides kids 40 inches and up could ride. Vivi could ride about 75% of the rides, including this Dinosaur ride, which was one of our favorites. Her bravery again blew me away!

We didn't do any special character dinners or meetings, but by the end we had seen every single character at some point in the park, which was really special!

This was all of our favorite rides and the "scariest" ride we rode the whole time- the Himalayan/Everest roller coaster.  It was a long wait, but the most fun attention to detail in the waiting lines, especially going thru the Yeti museum.  Now I think Quinn is convinced Yetis are real! 

No trip to the Animal Kingdom would be complete without a nice ride to see all the animals! It was really fun to just take a load off for awhile!

Cutie pies.

My favorite- the Lion of "Judah"?? :)

Seeing all these pictures makes me wanna be there right now!! So much fun.

Disney: Day 1 Magic Kingdom

In mid-November we went to Disney! We had been planning this trip for almost 2 years so it seemed surreal to finally be going.  We went with my Mom & Dad, sister and her family.  My Aunt/Uncle & cousin met us along with Guillermo's Cousin and her family. All I can say is it was PERFECT & magic.  I was fully expecting it to be a "trip for the kids" (all the things adults suffer thru for their kids, sort of like Chuck E Cheese) but it wasn't- it was seriously magical. My eyes welled up with tears several times there were so many amazing moments.
Can you tell we were all excited to get on the road??

And then there is THIS- it just seemed so surreal! I've been thinking about taking my kids to Disney World since I was a kid at Disney World!

We "needed" the iconic photo in front of the front of the building but man was the sun heinous.  My face looks like it was run over by a steam roller it looks so contorted by the sun. I should've gone Quinn's route... Lol.

This smile on Quinn's face didn't stop for 5 days.

The kids (and my nephews) on our way on the ferry!


The sun was so hard on the kids, and they hated being stalked by the mama-razzi at the front of Disney- thus Judah's awesome face here, but needed a pic of the awesome tree! It was so fun seeing Disney's Christmas decorations.

There is true MAGIC here. I'm telling ya.

It was my parents idea to plan this family reunion and I'm so glad they did. This was a once in a lifetime trip for all of us!

One more "iconic" NEED to have photo- the heinous sun, the over exposed camera manual setting, but darn it "we were there" (Guillermo refused to ask someone to take ALL of our pictures because he was over pictures).  Lol. (and if you need further proof of the sun, look at Quinn's face, it's like he's being melted! haha)

You KNOW this is what made Viviana's heart go pitter pat!

 Viviana was in straight Grumps mode until she took a good nap- then she was perfect for the rest of day- thank God I took the stroller!
We had just gone thru the haunted mansion ride.  I was SO impressed with the kids, they were all SO brave- especially Viv, she is literally the bravest little girl I know. She did SO many rides that I didn't even think she'd be able to go on, without a whimper or being scared. She's still talking about how brave she was! Maybe she'll grow up to be my cop someday. :)

It was so awesome to see our Florida cousins! Aren't they so cute!
They had a special performance where Elsa made the castle the Frozen castle. The look on Viviana's face was absolutely priceless.

Sheer wonder & excitement!

The excitement is so contagious & so are the selfies with the castle in the background. ;)
It was an amazing FIRST DAY!!