Friday, December 18, 2015

Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios

Our last day was at the Hollywood Studios and it was just our family. I didn't realize that they had so much Star Wars, so we were all super excited!!


When I was young this was my favorite park. I was so mesmerized by the movie making industry  and I dreamed about becoming an actress.  It was cute to see the kids watch the Indiana Jones show and even cuter to see Judah wear this hat- the same hat I had as a kid! I love Quinn's hat too!

and we wanted every pair of Minnie mouse ears we saw too!!


We all agreed, the best thing we saw the entire time we were there was the Fantasmic Show. It was the best grand finale we could have for our trip.  I misunderstood the time the show started because of my fast pass so we got there an hour early- so we had front row seats and it was so amazing!!

These poor quality photos were from my camera phone but I literally was tearing up when all the Disney princesses were coming by on their boats.... to see your kids in pure awe & wonder is so special.

Walt Disney is such an inspiring person.  To read his quotes all over the parks, to see his legacy I am truly inspired.  He was so creative, and had such an incredible imagination.   There were so many amazing facets about the trip, in every single way God made it perfect. The kids were (almost) perfect. The house we stayed in was perfect. The drive was perfect.  I felt inspired, I felt the magic, I felt so much love for the kids to see them have so much fun, it was such an incredible time!

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