Friday, October 23, 2015

My Little Pumpkins

Have I mentione yet that I am obsessed with the fall ;)  But not necessarily SC fall. Like my dreams & visions of fall in the Blue Ridge Parkway- or in Michigan's fall which I totally took for granted when I grew up there.
But - you won't even believe it- we had COLD weather for a few days last weekend and so we made a bee-line for the farm.

Judah was bouncing SO high on this ball, this picture doesn't do it justice. Like 5 feet in the air high!

Flying piggies!

She loves these bouncy balls. She has her half deflated one at home she jumps on every day, so she was in hog heaven with all of the fully inflated ones here! :)

My favorite thing about this place is the corn box. It's like the biggest sensory tub ever and it's so fun to walk in and run your hands thru. But it's probably the most unsanitary place in the planet. Lol.

That's right Judah-rub your head in those germs. Lol. OR as I like to think of them- free immunizations. ;)

I had to post this just to remember this face. This is her POOEY face. Which I see like every other minute because she never gets enough sleep and not enough sleep = MELTDOWN mode. She's boycotting her nap- which she still desperately needs and then has horrible sleep at night and wakes up at the butt crack of dawn with Guillermo- like 5AM.. so we're on operation fix that sleep problem.

Trying to get a picture of this kid is like trying to get a picture of a butterfly. Always on the go.
Let me tell you a funny formula.  Corn pit + little girl skinny jeans = 0.5 lb of corn kernels in your underwear. Gross. (and sorry for the public bathroom floor that got that mess)

She's the queen of the tractor tire mountain. Yeehaw.

And now it was Quinn's turn to be pooey because we didn't buy the kids their own individual bags of cotton candy and instead we all shared a bag. And so he refused to eat any and regretted that decision the moment the bag was empty.

We love our heart warming "children of the corn" picture. Such cute little creepers.

Oh Judah Bear, where is that smile? The other two looked too cute not to post. I love all things fall. I have a constant "fall high" that moves into "Christmas high" this time of year and truly nothing could be more wonderful than October thru January.

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