Thursday, September 10, 2015

See Ya Later Summer! It's Been Real.

I sure hope this fall has record breaking lows like last year. But I'm not sure we could be so lucky! Just some happenings with the Soler clan.
The sweet love & crazy mis-matched boys outfits.

Viviana is 100% princess girly. She hates bugs. She loves hugs & sparkles & princesses & apparently makeup.  This was our first time playing beauty parlor. She wanted to be Ariel.

Can you tell she feels awesome?


Didn't she do a great job with my makeup? ;)  I especially love my blue eyebrows.

Viviana also loves to cook. She drags the kitchen chair up every time I make food.

She sure makes good pancakes!

And the goofballs loved them too. All day, everyday they're making each other snicker.

I love Judah's toothless smile!

Vivi is helping Mimi make brownies at her house!
Last weekend was a lot of fun!  We had both Guillermo's sister and her fiancé, and my sister and her husband here for the holiday weekend.  I had a early birthday night out because this old chick can only handle one crazy late weekend out a month (more like a year), the lighting was horrible at the restaurant - so I had to put the photos in this tone.

Ivan & Kat, who are expecting their first bebe!

Rebecca & Will who are also expecting their first bebe!

Carla and Max.

Even though he had that ugly shirt on we allowed Rusty & Eric sit at our table. ;)

And these guys. What can I say?

The Royal American punch, deliciousness. And adorable. And deadly. Lol.

More people met us out for drinks and I felt super special & loved. Turning 37 never felt so great!
37, Sigh. Lol.

And we got to spend the night with Rebecca & Will at their beach house which was an extra fun way to celebrate the end of summer.

We played games & did puzzles & ate yummy food.

Not much better than having the beach out your back door!

God bless Rebecca, at 30 weeks pregnant playing in the sand with Viv.

Being at the beach super early in the morning is pretty magical!

The yard was covered in dozens of butterflies. That was pretty magical too!
I've trimmed Viviana's hair several times but this was her first big hair cut. It was just getting too long (and scraggly). Her hair is brushed out here so you can't see all of her curls.

chop chop!
Can you tell she's excited about her haircut?

I'm not going to save those sweet blonde highlighted curls, but I do love to have this picture. :)
I feel like this last weekend was one great last summer weekend. Now I'm dreaming of pumpkins & fall leaves. My FAVORITE season! Woot woot!


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