Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Say it Ain't So. Where has the summer gone? Tear.

I always have a feeling of melancholy this time of year. I strategically use my vacation days each year, especially in the summer. Peppered through the summer I take days off to be with the kids before their summer break is over. As the summer winds down, I feel a panic, "did I take enough days off. I should have taken more. I need to take days off".... but then again, I think- I need to save my days for this, or for that. Especially this year since we're doing our big Disney trip in Nov. We have 13 days until school starts and I'm just sad. I love summers. I love everything about summer break. I love my summer babies.
So grateful my parents have a neighborhood pool that we can use!

The kids are quite the little fishies.  Viv is so brave in the pool! She jumps like a frog each time. She's so brave, I fact, she threw herself into the pool without any warning (and NO swimmie) a few weekends ago! She scared herself as much as she scared us!

I had to post this picture of the kids while we had dinner at our friends house. Viviana is having a serious discussion with her little buddy.  The boys had fun terrorizing their adorable baby kitty the whole time. :)

Summer = RAVE

Summer = boo-boos.  And notice Quinn's bed buddy.  Bluebell is seriously the best dog on the planet.

When these two are being loving towards each other, there is literally nothing more precious.

I took Judah on his special date night and he requested we go skating again.  Since I sweat like a maniac in the regular skating rink, I asked him if he wanted to go ice skating. He was so excited. And SO WAS I. Hello 57 degrees, that's my kind of climate! :)

Judah ate his three sliders at Sesame & a big pile of fries & half of dessert. He's a growing boy. I just love him SO MUCH.

For posterity sake I wanted to post these pictures.  I'm pretty neurotic about my house staying pretty neat and clean.  Not like "clean the grout with a tooth brush for an hour" kind of clean freak, but not like a tornado hit my house every 5 minutes kind of tidy freak. My house is too small with too many creatures for chaos. BUT there is chaos every single Sunday am.  I think the kids lose their minds. So every Sunday AM - they spend at least 1/2 hour cleaning hours of play up. :)

Leave you with a pic of the wildest members of my house. But SO.Much.Love here. So thankful for these (and all of my) monkeys!