Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bonjour Bebe!

My mom, sister and I threw my younger sister a French themed baby shower this weekend in Atlanta! Or should I say- a bebe shower?
This is Rebecca's first baby and we're so excited for her!

Rebecca is due on November 22nd, but we had to do the shower this summer while Julie was down from Miami. 

The shower was the gender reveal too!  It's a BOY! I'm so happy for her. Girls & boys are both so awesome, but I think having a boy for your first is the best!

We all decided on the French theme and worked together to pull it off, but while my sister was here over summer vacation she made so many incredible personalized décor items. From spray painting the antique mason jars to hand writing every little detail, like the French "Patisserie" sign.

My pretty mama and the "Bonjour Bebe Jaques" sign.

Julie hand wrote these letters, just so impressed.

Rebecca is so crafty, she made this giant linen sign for the shower!

Vivi thought the baby was a boy, so she was really excited. She couldn't stop asking Rebecca about the baby in her tummy all weekend. :)

The buffet spread.....

One of my favorite things was this twine/ivy lettering, but with my telephoto lens I couldn't get a good pic of it all!

We had fun shopping for the shower in this farmer's market. My Mom loved the isle with the Finnish food!

We went out with Rebecca shopping and before Viv could take her picture with Rebecca she needed to put her new sunglasses on....

All set (with her eyes closed)....

After Atlanta, Julie & crew were heading straight back to Miami. We were sooo sad, after having them with us for a month.
So excited for an expanding family! Kids are the BEST!!!

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