Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So, I know it's not officially summertime yet- BUT it's definitely summer time to us. We're full speed ahead into summer land, except the kids still get up everyday and go to school and of course I go to work everyday but every night and weekend we're enjoying the last games of baseball, parks, fountains, beaches, sprinklers, watermelon, you name it. 
We're counting down the LAST day of school tomorrow with baited breath!
The past few weekends have been a blast!  
*And sorry for the bad photo quality, the first half of pictures are phone pics
I took the kids kayaking and playing in the sprinklers at the County park. That was so much fun, but I got the world's most heinous blister on my thumb. Apparently I'm a novice rower! :)
Now I'm searching for Kayaks on Craigslist, but it'll be the ultimate find since they're being sold for hundreds of dollars (or more) on CL and the most I'd wanna spend on one is like $50 (I know, I'm the ULTIMATE cheapskate, that's part of the fun of scavenging).

It seems like everyone is throwing parties lately & we sure have enjoyed seeing everyone!! Some friends who we haven't seen in years!  We had two pool parties back to back days, now all of us want to swim everyday! :)

Judah tried to run a 5K with me last year but the company moved the race due to rain, then they went bankrupt, but both dates of the race we drove out there and it was a major disappointment when we couldn't run it. So finally Judah was able to run a 5K with me a week ago! The "Rock Pink" 5K, so many cool costumes. Judah wasn't sure about his pink Mohawk....
I'm still getting over bronchitis and Judah usually only runs a mile with me (I take the kids on separate runs with me, so Judah runs the first mile, Quinn the second and Vivi about 1/2 mile) so I didn't expect to do well, but we actually did ok, just 3 minutes slower than my last solo run.  I was super impressed with Judah, he did AWESOME.  I still can't believe not only did Judah run the whole thing but he was BEGGING Me to run faster. He kept saying "we need to go faster, we're not going to win". Lol.  So we'll be running our next 5K in September and now I'm trying to find a faster runner for him to run with!  I LOVE that the kids are passionate about physical exercise.

Super duper proud of this guy! (and don't you love the KISS runner 2 people behind him?)

This is pretty much the good life- the kids playing with the world's best dad, Viv happily playing on her own and my happy behind sitting on my rocking chair on the back porch. :)

Quinn was trying to show me how many pull-ups he could do. Way more than I can do!

Had to post a picture of our HUMONGOUS fig tree!!
Viviana kept saying "it won't jump" until I realized she thought she was on a pogo stick - sorry baby girl, that's a ball pump!

Viviana is starting to grow into her Puerto Rico shirt. She thought she was the coolest girl on the planet, had to post her poses she did totally on her own with no coaxing.

Rawr baby rawr.
Viviana looking like she's playin on her phone, but it's a little froggy water game. :)

Waterfront park is one of the best spots in Charleston. And now that they allow wading in the Pineapple Fountain it's even better!

Ivan & Kat took the boys our for special date days so G & I took our two special girls out! Viv & Queen E.

Guillermo and I have surmised that Ellington is half Chihuahua and half German Sheppard. The lady that we got her from thought she was half pug, which she's way to big for. The lady that we got her from also was a German Shepherd breeder and when  you Google German shepherd/Chihuahua mix it looks like her! Crazy huh. And she has the deepest bark.

We sure love spending such sweet quality time with the kids one on one.

I love this.

Always a major score when you get one of the big ol' swings at the park!

I hope the start to your summer is FAN-Tastic!

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