Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten & Second Grade!

The end of the school year is crazy busy.  School projects, school recitals, but as much activity is going has equal portions of cuteness!
The boys go to the school of the arts so everything is art based.  Their class recitals were dances.  Quinn's class did a "ballet" style dance, which was so cute and Quinn did better than most of the girls in his class! He did perfect little twirls on his tippy toes. I guess all of the exercise and athletics are good for ballet too. ;)

Here is Quinn during this class "graduation" doing their special song.  Which he's been singing non-stop ever since. And that's not annoying at all. Lol ;)

This is Judah's class doing their special dance, thankfully not ballet.... :)

Judah knew all the moves perfectly.

I'm so proud of Judah. All three of his teachers so far praise him for what a great kid he is. His last two teachers gave him several awards during the year for not only being a great student but going above and beyond to love and help his classmates. We couldn't be more proud of him and that sweet, gentle heart that is so loving towards others.  He won the "magical mind" award for his class (each student got a different award from their teacher).  

The music teacher chose a girl & boy from each class and Judah won the music award!

The art teacher chose one girl and one boy for all three second grade classes and Judah won the art award!

Judah's classmates were showing so much love to him, just makes you feel so special!

Judah's entire class won the Drama award!

We love the kids teachers this year, here is Mrs. Gilbert, we'll sure miss her!

And not to be left out, this picture CRACKS me up.  She's not even graduating from anything, but they took this picture of her in her cap and gown anyways!
My friend helped run the Special Olympics torch to the Yorktown, so we went to support her and major plus, got to go on the Yorktown for free! This is the first time we've ever taken the kids and it was a blast!

It's Captain Quinn, like his Abuelo! :)

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