Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cousins & Great Dads!!

We're SOOO excited that Julie, Devon & Dean are able to spend the summer with us this year! They are so much fun & we love to spend as much time as possible with them!
One of my favorite summer places to hang out, back at the pineapple fountain!

Looks like the pee pee dance to me- but he's just being a goof!

Talk about getting out of the heat!

Look Julie! This is what your life would be like with 5 kids!! :) Viviana is Julie's little sidekick. She always wants to be with her!

LOVE this ship!

Had to get these cuties popsicles after being outside in this CRAZY INSANE heat. OMG Charleston,  please cool down!!

My nephews are gorgeous.


Guillermo decided for Father's Day he wanted to get up butt crack early & take the boys crabbing.  This was their loot, which they ate immediately when they got home. Sigh, I just don't get it. SO much work for like 3 bites of meat.

I'm so, so grateful for Guillermo, he is the BEST dad. So much love. So much fun. So happy & gentle. ALWAYS doing for his us.  We are so blessed by him!

We are so thankful for Ramon & Jose!!
I am so beyond blessed by my Dad. He was and is my #1 cheerleader. His faithfulness, encouragement, love, support, kindness has been the reason I am who I am and I am forever grateful for everything he does for our family!!

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