Friday, June 12, 2015

It's Official!! SUMMER!!!!

Because the boys do so well during the year, not just scholastically but behavior too we reward them by taking them to Carowinds at the end of the school year before it's melt your face off hot & before everyone and their brother, sister, cousin and grandma are at the park. It was another amazing trip!
We love Carowinds!

Look! It's Guillermo and his ghostly wife! Lol.

We were so excited - this year Quinn and Judah were allowed on many rides! Their favorite ride (not pictured) was the "log ride" where you get SOAKED. They rode that maybe 10 times? Hardly anyone was in line so they got to ride it over & over. Pretty cool!

I convinced G to take Judah on his first upside down coaster, the Carolina Cobra. I think he was about to die after. But God bless him, even as a hell raiser/fear no ride kid, I hated upside down rides. Judah LOVED it!

Can you tell they're just a little bit excited. ;)

My happy boys.

We never miss Dinoworld (or whatever it's called)- just so cool! Even when G gets trampled by a dinosaur! (just kidding)

How crazy would it be if these guys were still around!

We've been making our rounds of every park that has sprinklers as it's warming up.  We were disappointed that the Riverfront sprinklers were off this particular night but still had fun in the sand box. And Viv looked too cool for school!
And those sweet baby hand dimples.

My favorite thing about this park was all the families getting their portraits taken! This family was my favorite. Everyone (about 8 total) was in white pants & pink shirts.

All of the photos to this point were with my phone, I got a few good pics of the kids with my real camera!

The other morning we were talking about how good God is and we were discussing all the ways he's so awesome and Judah said  "I bet God does the best Nae Nae in the whole world"- yep kiddo, I know God can do the best Nae Nae, Whip & Stanky leg in the whole world. He was the one that invented dancing after all! Lol

Quinn says that "God can make strawberries fart".  1. They love potty humor more than anything in the world. That's my payback for loving potty humor.  2. They're not allowed to say fart, but do everyday because one (and sometimes both) of their parents keeps saying it in front of them 3. Quinn is crazy. Love that kid.


Silly bros.

This one will hardly ever look at the camera..... so I take what I can get. Sweet little chin.

Pretty Charleston.

Cool sculptures in that park!
Last week we watched Gavin graduate,  I've known Gavin since he was either 3 or 4 years old and it just seems INSANE that he's old enough (and I'm old enough) that he's graduating high school! He's like a blood nephew to us, just a sweetheart. We're blessed to have seen him grow up & are excited to see where life takes him!

The kids were so well behaved during the graduation.  This is the BEST purchase I've ever made at the dollar store. A small white dry erase board...

Judah drawers pictures of Nike high tops all day every day.... it's so funny.....

Love this picture!! What happy kids!

Quinn's ring that Titi Kat gave him, he wears it on his wedding finger, which he hasn't taken off- so cute....

We're SO proud of you Gavin!!

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