Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heckuva Mother's Day & the Insane Month of May

There have been crickets around here for a few weeks....
May is an INSANE month for us. Always will be as long as the kids are in baseball & I'm at the City of Hanahan. It's the crunch time for the budget.  I've logged in over 33 hours of OT the last two weeks. The kids have approximately 15 games a month. And of course this isn't counting G's drum playing or my working nursery at church, social life, and being sick. UGH. But who wants to hear about the stupid stuff.... onto the good stuff!
These cuties are doing GREAT! They all pick out their outfits almost every day, but not usually for church, so they picked out their outfits for church so I wanted to take pictures of what a good job they did.  I joked on Instagram that Vivi is Baby Spice, Judah is Sporty Spice and Quinn is Posh Spice.

This is her Sasha Fierce coming out.

This is Quinn's favorite "dress up" shirt to wear. Yea, unless you're Jeff Foxworthy, this ain't dress up. Silly boy.

We went to the North Charleston Art's Festival, the kids had a blast!

Viv's giraffe, which was really impressive - just can't make it out at this angle.

I love Judah's "I'm impressed with the balloon man" face. :)

I was totally impressed with these ladies. I think I sweat a bucket just watching them dance and the drummers play!
There was so much Mother's day goodness this year, my heart overflows!
This was Quinn's "Mother's Day Tea" at his school where they did a song and served us afternoon tea.

No matter how hard he tries, he can't get his buttons right. ;)

Two clowns.

Every year I feel bad for the kids whose mothers cannot come, so I have an honorary child. This is my unofficial son Jyron.

And the sweet hat & lunch placemat Quinn made me.
On Mother's Day we went downtown to Second Sunday, what a great event with so many people! This is our friend Matt playing. 

These our the outtakes from our photo attempts. Can you tell who is acting rather pooey lately?

More Pooey.

My sweet, precious, pooey babies.

Guillermo always spoils me, but especially at Mother's day- he made me Elizabeth's delicious meatballs!
The kids made me the sweetest Mother's Day cards!

Quinn's card was pretty phenomenal, us rocking out with our liberty spikes!

Viv's cards is apparently Rainbow Dash (from My Little Pony).
Judah & I got to go to his Mother/Son dance (aka the "second grade prom") complete with staged photos.
The best thing about this picture is the photo-bomb-butt.

This picture is of our friends Erin & Aiden, but it was so fun dancing with our sons. I have taught Judah how to "Dougie", do the Nae/Nae and Whip, the Stanky leg, the Tootsie roll and how to get lower than low BUT I've never taught him how to really dance. That night I taught him how to do the shag and on the way home he told me that dancing with me was the best part of his day. I LOVE this kid. He's precious beyond words.

My "mother's day" gift to myself (really more of a gift for surviving the budget) was to take this past Monday off and go running at the beach.  It was gorgeous!!

I ran to the END of Sullivan's Island. You can vaguely see the bridge in the distance.

But don't try to swim in those deadly currents!

And to further reward all of my hard work I got TCBY. O>M>G- the toasted marshmallow yogurt is literally the best frozen thing I've ever tasted. Now my mouth is watering!

These kids make me CRAZY but they are my everything. I adore each one and look at them in awe at how precious and special they are. I am so beyond grateful for them and each of their unique personalities.

I am so grateful for my wonderful, beautiful mom.  She has done everything for our family. There is nothing she wouldn't do for us kids.  She is so hard working, she never cuts corners and she has taught me an amazing work ethic.  She is so generous to people in need.  Her greatest love and passion in this world is Jesus.  Most people that know my Mom think she is just a nice conservative lady, but she rides a motorcycle, doesn't take crap from anyone, total rebel in the fact that she doesn't care what other people think, whatever she thinks is the right thing to do is what she'll do no matter how unpopular it is. I love her so much & can't imagine my world without her!

I am so grateful for my beautiful, fun, hip Mother in Law.  She's so much fun to be around, she's way more cultured & sophisticated then I'll ever be, Lol and she has raised AMAZING kids. I am so blessed to have such wonderful mothers in my life!! And the kids are beyond grateful for such amazing grandmas!
Here is my take on motherhood. I have a regular job that I work incredibly hard at.  It's demanding, but it has a lot of instant reward. A pleased boss, a balanced budget, an almost spotless audit, a project that is completed with (hopefully) no mistakes, and ultimately a paycheck.  Motherhood is so much different. For as much fun & love & thankfulness you have, you have equal portions of frustration, and feelings like you might legit lose your mind.  I feel like I'm the ring leader in a three ring circus some days and many times a day I have at least three, if not four people trying to talk (or scream) at me at one time. You're constantly running in 20 different directions and you have to balance the practical (aka laundry & homework) with the precious things like snuggling and listening to their dreams and fears.  Mothering poorly is hard, but mothering well takes everything you've got. And rarely is the reward fast or even noticeable at all. Usually it's years in the making and while one child is exceling another child might be taking a dive. I have such extreme respect for moms. Especially my friends with a lot of kids. It's the hardest work you'll ever do because it taxes you on all capacities. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I am so thankful that when God blesses you with kids, He gives you what you need to parent those kids. And when you parent them biblically everyone's life is so much better.  For all you moms out there making it ALL work, you are AMAZING. Your kids will look back at you with so much adoration.  And maybe your kid will grow up and write rap songs about how awesome you were, like Tupac. ;) Lol.

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