Friday, May 22, 2015

Birthday Time!!! It's great to be 8!!

This year we did a joint birthday party for the boys because no one can come to Quinn's December birthday parties, so we decided to do a small family celebration in December and joint birthday parties from now on.  It was perfect!
It was Space Jam movie themed and basketball! The boys were hot sweaty messes and they loved every minute of it. They didn't stop the whole time!

This is Quinn's best friend from school, talk about 2 silly peas in a pod!

I had a "very important parents" VIP section with a lot of flavored popcorn.

The kids got a real kick out of choosing a large box of concession candy!

I'm so sad, for some reason pictures I'm trying to download of the big birthday brothers won't download, but you can see them on my IG feed:
There is nothing better than summer days with kids. I usually hate the heat of summer, but it brings so much joy for them I'll tolerate it. :)  They had so much fun at Mimi & Papa's house in the sprinkler and being treated to ice cream from the ice cream man!

Baseball is quickly coming to an end. It's been a GREAT season & I'm so proud of Judah's team the Red Sox, right now it's 9-1 and they'll (hopefully) make it to the championships, just 2 games left!

My Hanahan "family" - I sure love all my coworkers who treat my kids like their own!

Gotta love that tongue! For Judah's first year on machine pitch I think he did awesome!

The kids LOVE when their family shows up to hang out!

Quinn did AWESOME this season too! I'm so proud of him! Last year of t-ball!

My adorable sideliner.

Got that tongue thing going on!

 Judah's birthday was May 20th, and each year it's such a PLEASURE to celebrate him, what an incredible, kind, loving, responsible, sensitive to others kid. Just the sweetest and most thoughtful person I know! I am always so blown away at what a diplomatic, full of integrity kid he is and I am beyond grateful for him & cannot wait to see everything the Lord has in store for him!
But, how can my baby be 8!! Man, time flies...

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