Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Swirly, Whirly Princess & my Pirates....

Last weekend we went to Gus & Lulu's birthday party at the Children's Museum. I just love that place. Although trying to watch three kids play while you're there is like trying to keep your eyes on three feral cats chasing butterflies in a field of wild flowers. Lol.
It was Pirates & Princesses themed and of course my little pirates balk at getting their picture taken, so I got some good ones of my sweet emo-princess instead.
She was really mad at me about something- oh yea, she got a pinch (which is the "public spanking". Lol) for not obeying. This little stinker is trying to decide if she wants to listen to me. This results in lots of "trouble" (aka discipline) in our house. Lord, help her get thru this stage quickly!
So she got in trouble, we talked, smooched & I asked her if she wanted me to take pictures of her twirling in her dress. HECK YEA! A little girl's favorite pastime!


How cute is the birthday chalk art?!

My cute little pirates. Arggggggh.

And the cutest little birthday kiddos. We didn't know Lulu, but we just treasure Gus, just the sweetest, most gentle- adorable little boy!

And this little awesome-ly adorable firecracker! We can't wait to meet her new little brother in a week (or so)!

She was born to be in charge. :)

I hope your week is as exciting as blue frosting all over your face!

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