Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Swirly, Whirly Princess & my Pirates....

Last weekend we went to Gus & Lulu's birthday party at the Children's Museum. I just love that place. Although trying to watch three kids play while you're there is like trying to keep your eyes on three feral cats chasing butterflies in a field of wild flowers. Lol.
It was Pirates & Princesses themed and of course my little pirates balk at getting their picture taken, so I got some good ones of my sweet emo-princess instead.
She was really mad at me about something- oh yea, she got a pinch (which is the "public spanking". Lol) for not obeying. This little stinker is trying to decide if she wants to listen to me. This results in lots of "trouble" (aka discipline) in our house. Lord, help her get thru this stage quickly!
So she got in trouble, we talked, smooched & I asked her if she wanted me to take pictures of her twirling in her dress. HECK YEA! A little girl's favorite pastime!


How cute is the birthday chalk art?!

My cute little pirates. Arggggggh.

And the cutest little birthday kiddos. We didn't know Lulu, but we just treasure Gus, just the sweetest, most gentle- adorable little boy!

And this little awesome-ly adorable firecracker! We can't wait to meet her new little brother in a week (or so)!

She was born to be in charge. :)

I hope your week is as exciting as blue frosting all over your face!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Awesome Fort & My Little Bunny Baby....

Sullivan's Island is the hidden beach gem of Charleston. We like it the best because it's fairly secluded, has the widest shoreline to play & lay and it has really great restaurants.
During the kids spring break I took them out to the Fort on the beach, although it was too cold to go to the beach that week we sure had fun!
Sullivan's Island has so many amazing historical landmarks too, look at that cool church!

We got to watch a short movie before going out to the Fort and during the movie the "General" (actor dressed in old war gear) said "Wake up Soldier". After the Movie Quinn looked at me really stressed out and said "HOW DID HE KNOW I WAS FALLING ASLEEP???" Lol. 

A photographer's heaven. And another very cool church in the background!

In the bunkers they recreated the office spaces exactly like they would've been in 1947 when the Fort closed.

So much history here, many, many wars fought here - or should I say many wars STOPPED from happening because of the defense provided by this fort! Just so cool.

These pictures depict a few things, one my new awesome camera's photo editing abilities. Lol. And secondly how quickly the weather changes here in the spring. It went from beautiful to gusty to almost tropical storm like in a matter of an hour. We left when the storm came.  But on a deeper note, I thought this is just like life. The blue skies are beautiful, but the gray skies can be too. It's just your perspective.....

I was being really good on my diet and so we got our special treat at TCBY. Well, I haven't been there in years but MAN- are they GOOD. That bottom bowl is mine, estimated about 120 calories and the ice cream tasted just like cheese cake!  You can tell how little the kids got- partially because I try to limit their sugar and secondly I was SO scared how much it'd cost. Because it's by weight. I was so worried we'd get to the check out and it'd be like $40.  So all of this was $5.13! Super score. Now I want more TCBY!

Dressing Viv up around Easter was extra fun this year thanks to several awesome Easter outfits she was given. I just love this cute dress. And her adorable bunny shoes she was given.... just super adorable bunny girl.

And my sweet bunny- who basically refuses to look at the camera nowadays. Sigh.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Beauty

Easter time in Charleston is SO gorgeous. But I'm convinced Easter is God's favorite day because each year it's gorgeous. In 36 years I can only think of one year with bad weather when it rained.
We made the most out of our long holiday weekend.
Friday we all went to the beach, which was pure delight. Quinn even ran 1.5 miles with me and it was SO nice and breezy, I didn't even sweat. We even did yoga on the beach.  Quinn wanted to be the "yogi" at one point, so it looked like we were doing the "New Jersey turnpike"- sorry Sullivan's Island beachgoers. Lol.
This precious, wild crew.


My little Esther Williams...

The boys didn't care that the water was a little chilly.....

My little brave girl.

I took the kids (much to the boys horror) to see Cinderella. Which was amazing and even the boys ended up loving it. Viviana was VERY upset that they were in "her picture" in front of Cinderella.

Now she's happy!

We got to see Tio & Titi this weekend! I LOVE these pictures!

We went on an Easter Egg hunt at Park Circle. We love free fun!!

The kids had their faces painted. Of course Viv wanted "Frozen"- Quinn wanted a zombie & Judah wanted a cobra. The little boy (who is friends with Judah & Quinn from school) also wanted a zombie, which was the first zombie request of the day. I think Jack's mama wasn't to happy with him following in Quinn's zombie footsteps, but I told her, really zombie makeup is quite appropriate at Easter. ;)

The happiest zombie I know.

Tio at work in his garage.

At Tio's garage they have the coolest graffiti art on the building! We took full advantage of this & snapped a few pics.

Action shots are the best shots.

My favorite little Easter peeps.

I am so grateful for all of our many blessings. There is no better time to celebrate all that we have, especially for our risen SAVIOR than at Easter!

Viviana's adorable Easter outfit from Mimi & Italian shoes from Abuela!

We love that Mimi & Papa are here in Charleston to celebrate every holiday! We always miss our out of town family the most at the holidays.

Had to post the highlights of the menu. G's slow cooked pork shoulder that he cooked for over 12 hours.

And my Mom's delish strawberry cake!

The kids made out like bandits this year at Easter!

Viviana was literally in tears after the Cinderella movie asking me "PWEASE MAY I HAVE A CINDYRELLA DWESS. I WANT A CINDYRELLA DWESS." WAAAAAH.  And little did she know my Mom found her the cutest princess dresses over the weekend.
I hope your weekend was beautiful!!