Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Take me out to the BALL GAME!

How, how we love the spring. It's so majestic in Charleston.  Even with our bi-polar weather. It's perfect one day and 50 degrees, rainy and grey the next, but whateves, it's still pretty awesome!
Spring now means baseball for us. And we love it. It's not my favorite sport the kids play, but it has the best "spirit"....

Three little monkeys sittin' on a bridge....

This guy has been playing short stop, which is really fun. And he's moved up to machine pitch. We're all saying prayers he gets it. It's REALLY different than t-ball!
His team is the Red Sox.

Quinn is in his last year of T-ball  & his team is The Bats!

This little monkey just happily plays in the dirt the whole game. She's the "best sport" of all!!

Happy SPRING y'all!!

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