Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring has Sprung!!

Guillermo turned 35 on March 2nd! We've had two great weekends celebrating him! The weekend before his birthday we had a family celebration & this weekend we went out with my parents to celebrate! 
Guillermo is such a blessing to me, to our family.  He just radiates joy & happiness & kindness & love. Most of all to me, I feel so grateful.  I count my blessings to spend the rest of my life with someone so fun & loving.  I hope this year is the best year of his life!!
I love this hottie!


No kid loves to color more than this guy!

Look at these pretty girls!

Judah had his first baseball tryouts this Saturday, and we're so excited for baseball to start!!

This little guy monkeying around in the trees while we wait. 

The happy cheer leader watching her bros play...

After baseball tryouts we had a bike fest/oyster roast which is always a blast, although G and I always have major "bike fever"- which we wouldn't get another motorcycle for many years until after the kids get older.

Our sweet friends who helped put the whole fest on.

Guillermo, Viviana & Quinn just devour the oysters.  GROSSSSSS. :)

My sweet babies.

Judah picked out his favorite bike... guess it's a Steelers thing? And he was too cool to smile. ;)
Quinn's smile, on the other hand , is about to break his face!

Viviana's favorite bike was the blue sparkly one.. And sorry dude- owner of this bike- that my daughter kept calling your blue sparkly bike the "Elsa motorcycle".

Random bedtime photo of my gorgeous girl. Who has her daddy's big brown eyes.

After church special snacks. And just so you know Cheetos fingers + gray chenille couch = bad idea.
Sunday was another busy but fun day.  We went to the Teddy Bear Picnic at Hampton Park with Tio! Such a GORGEOUS day. Spring- bring it on!!

Cutest crown craft right here. Take the thin wire with sparkly cut outs attached (they sell in all holiday themes in craft stores), make a "circle" the size of their head, wrap with tulle & ribbon. So stinking cute!

Look at these awesome guys!

Do you like Judah's snake? God bless those sweet face painting volunteers. :)

And Viviana's Elsa diamond.....

Hallelujah for SHORTS weather!

The coolest tile wall near the park.....

I am so in love with these precious babes. The biggest news for Quinn, he accepted Christ into his heart this week!!! 
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
That is my second baby to receive Christ in their heart, there is literally nothing better on this earth than watching your kids have their own relationship with Christ.
And Judah's being baptized next Sunday. We couldn't be happier!!

This same spot is where we had family photos 6 years ago.  Judah was just two years old in the picture below and only 4.5 tiles tall.  Now he's almost 7 tiles tall & just getting bigger & smarter each day!
One of my greatest joys as a mama is to take the kids out individually. To have precious one on one time with them is so important for our family.  It recharges us, fills our love tanks & just keeps us so close. We have great conversations, we hold hands, we compliment each other, we tell each other how much we love each other.
I can't say enough good things about Judah.  Now that he's getting older he's so COOL.  Some people are just naturally cool and that's Judah.  He's SO diplomatic. When he compliments Guillermo on his cooking, he'll quickly add, but Mama, your cooking is SO good too.  When I ask who his favorite teacher is, he'll say he loves all of them.  He is always thinking, strategizing and he is always striving to do his very best. He's very competitive in sports, but so tender and loving towards people.  If someone around him is hurt, or crying he runs up to them to make sure they're ok.
  He hates to disappoint us.  Judah is by far the most like me (I'm not naturally cool, Lol, just in my competitive, leader but sensitive nature).   He is a special kid for sure!

Because Judah & I are both really into physical activity Judah wanted our date to be running & eating vegetables. Since at night it went back down into the 40's I thought indoor fun would be better, so I surprised him with skating. Which I think he's been once before years ago.  After a few times around the rink he was doing so awesome!

How's this for throwback!

Glad we took this picture before getting on the rink cause I was sweaty betty after a few rounds of speed skating.  :)

And of course you couldn't leave without a few arcade games! I hope the kids always remember our special dates like I will!

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