Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Cute Dates & Randomness....

Spring has slowly crept our way, then more days of cold & gray & rain, but boy, those beautiful 70 degree days are pretty spectacular.
I think everyone and their Mother was out weekend before last when it turned warm... look at those pretty blue skies.

Vivi didn't like the "spider web" ...

My little dare devil.

Judah reminds me so much as a kid. I remember going as high as I could go and literally wondering if I could make it flip over...

Vivi has my ball catching abilities (aka, NOT catching abilities. lol).

It was an impromptu park visit, but a few of our friends met us out. That's my favorite kind of outing.

Looking all kinds of ghetto fab in her princess dress & barefeet & leaves every where. But happy because finally the kids could play outdoors without being chilly!
I got to take Quinn & Viviana on individual dates. The boys are old enough to pick the date. Quinn wanted to go somewhere fancy. And dress fancy. Cause "we fancy tho". ;)

He picked out his own outfit & got to order a special drink (Shirley Temple). :)

We took the obligatory "date" pictures of each other. (with this crazy angle my face looks like the size of my whole body. Lol). Quinn is the sweetest most thoughtful boy and always says the sweetest things. He's so serious on our dates (which is the opposite of him in real life) and was such a little gentleman at the Hibachi restaurant.

Viviana was just getting over a stomach bug (and I was just catching it, unbeknownst to me) when I took her on a date to the Children's Museum. Look at that precious girl!

Cute little buddies, Gus & Basil.

Viv's masterpiece.

It's so nice to only watch one kid in the water room.

She thought she was a real pirate and wanted me to walk the plank when I told her it was time to go...

But this is how we both felt when we left. Ugh, stomach bugs. .. just heinous.

Look who looks like the baby on this birthday card!

Just a typical school night at our house. The kids have to read every night. So Judah can pick books and read a chapter from his "chapter book"....

Judah loves to pick the same book over and over. And his teacher probably shakes her head to see he's read "The Gas we Pass, the Story of Farts" for the 10th time. Only my kids.....
Being one of the City's photographers has it's perks. Most recently I got a new camera, which is AMAZING. Just a few fun shots with the camera - NOT edited post download.

Ahh, the textures, just breathtaking.

How handsome is this guy??

How cool are those colors? And slight bokeh. Too cool.

Since the kids were sleeping Ellington was my photography subject more than she would like, but how cute is she? For being only 6 months old, she's such a good dog. Her temperament reminds me of Indy. Sometimes I feel like it's him reincarnated. :)

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