Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Cute Valentine Date & the Pretty Ice!

The kids were so excited for Valentine's Day this year. They really enjoy the thought of giving their friends cards/candy. See Vivi clutching her pink bag of Valentine's & the balloon she demanded to take to school?
Because the boys leave at the crack of dawn I forgot to get a picture of them! They picked out roses for their teachers & WWE Valentine's (sigh) for their classmates and they were so stoked!

That night the boys went to their 2nd annual Valentine's dance at the Hanahan Rec department and Guillermo & I and our cutie valentine had two hours to do whatever we wanted. So we headed to support our friend's local shops at Park Circle. 
Park City Pizza... the BEST pizza in town with the best menu ever!
This is the Bonzai - bbq chicken, pineapple, bacon, cheddar & mozz. cheeses. So.Darn.Good. & afterwards we had to go to The Brew Cellar & get some delicious fancy beers. Because "we fancy" like that.

Vivi girl so excited to be sitting like a big girl on a bar stool.
Life seems to be moving at warped speed this month. HOW is it Feb 20th???  Anyways, sorry for the lack of posting, part of it is that my camera is acting crazy. But today in our super freezing cold weather (which I LOVE btw. I love, love, LOVE this cold weather!) I used the really good camera to get some really pretty shots of the frozen fountain at work!

Have a great weekend & stay warm, or if you're like Queen Elsa & I - enjoy that cold weather!

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