Thursday, February 5, 2015

Frooooooozen Party!

I knew it was what she wanted, because it's what EVERY little girl wants. A Frozen Party! Viviana felt SO special at her birthday and renting out the Hanahan gym was the BEST party venue!
The happy birthday girl!

There was truly a ROYAL COURT at this party with all the cute princesses & princes!

They polished their nails & did tattoos....

It was so cute seeing the daddies painting their daughters nails!

Nice Frozen beard bow Ivan!

My Frozen themed menu.....

The kids LOVED building snowmen. I thought no one would really get into it!

I wanna stuff some chocolate in my FACE.

These are supposed to be Sven & Kristoff's ice cubes, but they melted. Bur burr.
Vivi is obsessed with the babes.

Frozen punch, so good! Thank you pinterest!

Melted Olaf, complete with buttons & carrot nose!

Look at this hottie!

I found the coolest pictures online that I personalized for the party on my printables....

The cutest kids in town! We felt so much love from these sweet friends!

Thank you to all of our sweet friends who made Viviana's 3rd birthday so special!!!

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