Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to the Future!

Remember Y2K? Can you believe that was 15 (!!!!!) years ago????  2015 seems like we should be going to work on our hover boards!  I feel like we're living in the future!
I hope your new years was awesome! I'm really looking forward to 2015.  I loved having my bebes, but I LOVE having older kids. Each year just keeps getting better!
This year the first weekend of 2015 we went to Charlotte for the weekend in lieu of a birthday party for Quinn. What I've come to realize is December babies get shafted. Poor Quinny, last year EVERY child invited to his birthday party rsvp'd that they couldn't come! Thank God at the last minute one family with two his buddies were able to come and literally saved the day (of course his adult family/friends come, but his little buddies are just so busy).  So Guillermo and I have decided, no more parties in December for him, that was too much heartbreak. So- we told him that we'll do a joint  "1/2" birthday party for him & Judah in May, during Judah's party and this year we were going to take him out of town for his birthday. He was SOLD and all he could talk about was the hotel pool!
My favorite part of the 3 hour car ride was watching Vivi's face watching movies.
Apparently The Lego Movie was very concerning for her. :)

The obligatory Dairy Queen trip on every Sherman road trip!

And of course the obligatory stop to local shopping joints. I love this picture of Viviana and Quinn holding hands.

Viviana wasn't too sure about going into the pool without holding onto me at first, but she knew she wanted to wear her goggles every second possible.

My three little fish!

 I love these boys.

And you KNOW you have to use hotel beds like trampolines!

I love Vivi's happy face here. I had to post, despite my after the shower hair/face/no makeup. Lol.

On January 6th we celebrate that my parents have been married for 42nd years!  I am so grateful for them!!! And I can't believe they are still in love & best friends all these years later!

I had to take this picture of them, sharing their salad Lady & the Tramp style! :)

My favorite part of the trip was going to Elevation Church, my favorite "mega church" (like being at an awesome concert with a great message) and going to Ikea. I love Ikea!

I keep trying to get a great picture of my haircut to really showcase James' work (the BEST hairstylist I've ever met, who is moving to his new salon- Royal Volume Salon on East Bay Street later this month) but I've come to realize the older I get is: my hair does NOT photograph well!  I think only really thick hair photographs well. But in real life I LOVE my super short hair! I feel like the real me again! Lol.

Judah's gotten into this thing of putting up notes all over his door, which I think is hilarious! I had to highlight some of the best notes.....

Judah ("Bear Bear") & Quinn hate watching Vivi's baby shows, so he had to write a note about it. ;)
Happy New Year!!

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