Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crap-land to Less Crap-Land......

So, my two hall storage closets were CRAP-Land.  We don't have a lot of storage in our house, so anything that didn't have a place but we needed to keep it went into crap-land. It was 9 years of stuff I thought I needed to save. But I was bound and determined to purge. And purge I did. See all the crap below? That crap went into 10 garbage bags straight to Goodwill.  It is SO nice to have so much room in those closets again! Some people post gold medals they win at competitions, I liken that feeling of accomplishment to pictures of SPACIOUS-ness for me. My house stays really neat and free of clutter for the most part, but my closets are JAMMED packed, so this was huge. :)

I found this shoe hanging organizer and it fit all the kids sheets and our pillowcases perfect!

I repurposed this crap-land closet into the kids crafts closet. Oddly enough my kids don't play with toys too much. Probably because we're not home much, I love to be out doing stuff but when we are home they want to be outside playing sports/trampoline or playing sports in the house and they LOVE (especially Quinn) to color. Every day they color, so I moved it out of my laundry room into this closet! 

And G moved all of the Christmas boxes off the back porch back into the attic (he was putting plywood in the attic, so Christmas boxes had to stay out here) and I have my back porch back! I LOVE sitting on the porch in our brisk weather. Get a latte, a hoodie & a jacket and sit and watch them run around like maniacs!

Judah really wanted a robe, then Quinn "had" to have a robe. I never wear robes, G doesn't either, thought it was pretty funny. I think they look like little old men! They sleep in them every night! So now added to my laundry is two thick robes. Sigh. :)

Quinn & his handsome basketball coach at the basketball openers! Both teams won (although they don't officially keep score) and I'm so proud of G's basketball debut, his team worked really well together and understood the game, which is a lot for 5 & 6 year olds.

Quinn is #3.

Judah is #11.

My cute little sidekick. She's SO awesome at these games, she just keeps herself busy & happy running around and smashing her baby doll on the ground. Lol.

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