Monday, January 26, 2015

Monkeying Around......

January is just a month of just chilling & I love it. Not a ton of plans, just being productive & hanging out.
My parents took us the kids (and I, not that I was jumping Lol, although I should yelled, get out my way kids and done about 20 belly flops on the toddler castle just for kicks) to Monkey Joes for MLK Jr Day & it was so cute watching Judah help Viviana. She was so scared to do anything at first but by the end she was going up the big steps/slide like an ol' pro!

Aren't they the cutest. Judah is so good to her!

Judah & handsome Papa. This is Judah's new photo taking face! he does have nice eyebrows though! ;)

This is Quinn being pooey going down the slide. Lol.

Quinn before he decided to be pooey. :)

Most of the families around us are growing, lots of new babies, lots of adoptions, it's so exciting! We got to celebrate our dear friend's newest daughter, the girl second from the left, Everly Jane. I love that girl! She's a big ol' goofball, the perfect addition to the Sharp family!

The boys are old pros at the dentist, and although Viviana has been going since she was 1, she still threw a fit, until AFTER she had her teeth cleaned by the hygienist and she decided to be a super brave girl when the dentist checked her!  Viviana's little personality cracks me up all the time. She just decides she doesn't like something or likes something.  She says to me all the time "I decided to stop crying mama" when I let her cry about something rather than get her way. Or she says, "I decided to like ____" (usually something I tell her she has to eat a few bites of that doesn't look appetizing).  So one minute she hated the dentist, then she decided it was awesome!

I rarely bring these little princesses out because for some reason the favorite thing to do for the kids is to dump them out all over the place (the dolls and about 20 more outfits not pictured) and I got sick of picking them up.  So I brought them out for her to play with and she carefully got to choose each outfit and I painstakingly pulled on rubber dresses over little rubber arms..... Fun times. But she had a blast. A future fashionista for sure!

Got a couple of cute pictures of Ellington in the sun. I love the contrast of dark & light....

And the Target bag in the background, not so much, but loved her little side eye.

The kids got to dress as super heroes to a birthday party this weekend. Well, Judah didn't want to participate (you know, the "too cool" thing going on at 7 years old....)....

But superhero costume or not, Judah is a real super hero helping Mama with the never ending laundry!!

And of course basketball goes on! We're having so much fun! Go Warriors & Nets!! Judah is the best point guard (I think that's what they call him, but he scores a lot of points) and Quinn is the most intense player you've ever seen! He bounces up and down like Tigger in front of the other team, it's hilarious! I've gotta get video of them!
Today is my baby girl's 3rd birthday and her birthday party is this weekend- stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crap-land to Less Crap-Land......

So, my two hall storage closets were CRAP-Land.  We don't have a lot of storage in our house, so anything that didn't have a place but we needed to keep it went into crap-land. It was 9 years of stuff I thought I needed to save. But I was bound and determined to purge. And purge I did. See all the crap below? That crap went into 10 garbage bags straight to Goodwill.  It is SO nice to have so much room in those closets again! Some people post gold medals they win at competitions, I liken that feeling of accomplishment to pictures of SPACIOUS-ness for me. My house stays really neat and free of clutter for the most part, but my closets are JAMMED packed, so this was huge. :)

I found this shoe hanging organizer and it fit all the kids sheets and our pillowcases perfect!

I repurposed this crap-land closet into the kids crafts closet. Oddly enough my kids don't play with toys too much. Probably because we're not home much, I love to be out doing stuff but when we are home they want to be outside playing sports/trampoline or playing sports in the house and they LOVE (especially Quinn) to color. Every day they color, so I moved it out of my laundry room into this closet! 

And G moved all of the Christmas boxes off the back porch back into the attic (he was putting plywood in the attic, so Christmas boxes had to stay out here) and I have my back porch back! I LOVE sitting on the porch in our brisk weather. Get a latte, a hoodie & a jacket and sit and watch them run around like maniacs!

Judah really wanted a robe, then Quinn "had" to have a robe. I never wear robes, G doesn't either, thought it was pretty funny. I think they look like little old men! They sleep in them every night! So now added to my laundry is two thick robes. Sigh. :)

Quinn & his handsome basketball coach at the basketball openers! Both teams won (although they don't officially keep score) and I'm so proud of G's basketball debut, his team worked really well together and understood the game, which is a lot for 5 & 6 year olds.

Quinn is #3.

Judah is #11.

My cute little sidekick. She's SO awesome at these games, she just keeps herself busy & happy running around and smashing her baby doll on the ground. Lol.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to the Future!

Remember Y2K? Can you believe that was 15 (!!!!!) years ago????  2015 seems like we should be going to work on our hover boards!  I feel like we're living in the future!
I hope your new years was awesome! I'm really looking forward to 2015.  I loved having my bebes, but I LOVE having older kids. Each year just keeps getting better!
This year the first weekend of 2015 we went to Charlotte for the weekend in lieu of a birthday party for Quinn. What I've come to realize is December babies get shafted. Poor Quinny, last year EVERY child invited to his birthday party rsvp'd that they couldn't come! Thank God at the last minute one family with two his buddies were able to come and literally saved the day (of course his adult family/friends come, but his little buddies are just so busy).  So Guillermo and I have decided, no more parties in December for him, that was too much heartbreak. So- we told him that we'll do a joint  "1/2" birthday party for him & Judah in May, during Judah's party and this year we were going to take him out of town for his birthday. He was SOLD and all he could talk about was the hotel pool!
My favorite part of the 3 hour car ride was watching Vivi's face watching movies.
Apparently The Lego Movie was very concerning for her. :)

The obligatory Dairy Queen trip on every Sherman road trip!

And of course the obligatory stop to local shopping joints. I love this picture of Viviana and Quinn holding hands.

Viviana wasn't too sure about going into the pool without holding onto me at first, but she knew she wanted to wear her goggles every second possible.

My three little fish!

 I love these boys.

And you KNOW you have to use hotel beds like trampolines!

I love Vivi's happy face here. I had to post, despite my after the shower hair/face/no makeup. Lol.

On January 6th we celebrate that my parents have been married for 42nd years!  I am so grateful for them!!! And I can't believe they are still in love & best friends all these years later!

I had to take this picture of them, sharing their salad Lady & the Tramp style! :)

My favorite part of the trip was going to Elevation Church, my favorite "mega church" (like being at an awesome concert with a great message) and going to Ikea. I love Ikea!

I keep trying to get a great picture of my haircut to really showcase James' work (the BEST hairstylist I've ever met, who is moving to his new salon- Royal Volume Salon on East Bay Street later this month) but I've come to realize the older I get is: my hair does NOT photograph well!  I think only really thick hair photographs well. But in real life I LOVE my super short hair! I feel like the real me again! Lol.

Judah's gotten into this thing of putting up notes all over his door, which I think is hilarious! I had to highlight some of the best notes.....

Judah ("Bear Bear") & Quinn hate watching Vivi's baby shows, so he had to write a note about it. ;)
Happy New Year!!