Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Very Merry Indeed, Part Two

Our church doesn't do a Christmas Eve service, so we went to the Grinch performance at the Cathedral of Praise and we were all blown away at how amazing it was!
Our whole motely crew: Mom, Dad to the left, my sister & her husband & his father to the right.

There is nothing more awesome than singing joyful Christmas carols about Jesus' birth & seeing the whole church light up by candle light. Every year at the Christmas Eve service I tear up like 20 times. I'm such a Christmas SAP!

My & my fav six year old boo. The kids looked so cute all dressed up and I didn't get one pic of the three of them! The moment we got home we threw on our PJs so fast heads were spinning. Then I thought. Well, Darn! No Pic. Oh well. Here's Quinn in his cute bowtie.

Rebecca, Will, Giovanni (the dog) and the kids.

Our most awesome neighbor Thomas came to my parents house for Christmas Eve fun!

Pretty Mama!

Since we didn't have carrots, Guillermo told the kids that reindeer also love collards. Those southern reindeer from Pelion! ;)

Santa put the kids loot on the coffee table, they were SO excited!!

My favorite gift to give Vivi was this amazing doll house I had found at a garage sale back in the fall. It was the best deal, BUT there is just something AMAZING about a old school wooden dollhouse. My personal fav is the toilet, every dollhouse need a toilet  - right? ;)

Christmas was exactly what I hoped for Viviana. A very FROZEN Christmas. Santa brought her glitter light up Frozen shoes, Frozen slippers, just like she asked but she got a ton of other cute Frozen stuff from us & family. She was in Heaven!

Quinn was estatic about his ambulance set that he talked about for many months!

Judah loved his big lego set from Santa!

When Judah wanted to ask Santa for an iPod, mama quickly sent Santa a letter requesting cd players for the boys.  We don't want to worry about the hassle up uploading songs and keeping up with iTunes, etc and I thought they'd have fun owning a cd book, like we used to... but lo and behold. Those elves must've fallen down on the job because neither of those darn cd players work! Can you believe it?! Lol. I hope Santa does exchanges!

Judah's favorite gift his Nike hightops.. now he can sing "Js on my feet" and mean it!

Quinn's favorite gift (tear, you know your kids are getting big when the fav gift is not toys)...

Rebecca's gorgeous Christmas wrap. I'm doing good if all of my gifts ARE wrapped!


Quinn & Judah can become the next Billy Joel!

Dad and two of his girls. We were SO SAD that Julie & Fam couldn't be with us this year! This is the first year since the kids were born that they couldn't be here. They moved to Miami two weeks before Christmas and it was just too much traveling. Tear.

It's always a great time and we hate saying goodbye!!

Because apparently we didn't get enough to eat in the 1,245 lbs of food during the week of Christmas, we couldn't finish our Christmas holiday without making Christmas cookies... right?

Happy birthday Jesus (& Ivan *Smile*), I hope everyone's holidays were MAGIC & filled with joy & peace!

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