Monday, December 8, 2014

So Thankful! Gobble till ya Wobble....

This year we have so much to be thankful for.  My Mom was healed of a persistent, daily, unexplained cough that she suffered from for 2 years just recently.  And despite busy job, busy lives, we just have so much meaningful & precious time with the kids. The holidays are even busier than normal, but so much joy, so much celebration & so much intentional quality time.
I got to see Quinn in his first class play for Thanksgiving. He was an Indian and remembered all of his lines perfectly.  He was the cutest darn Indian in the whole room!
I had to post this picture of his hilarious little classmate Chardonay (in the pilgrim hat).

Everyone loves Quinn, all the kids wanted their picture with him.

Quinn and I got to go on a special date to his friend's birthday party. It was one of the cutest parties we've ever seen.  It was at a new local bakery, called the Ragamuffin Sugar Shop.

Quinn is quite the artist. I framed this adorable picture in our kitchen.
We set up our Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving so we could enjoy family over Thanksgiving rather than putting up a tree!
Isn't Ellington the cutest addition to our décor? :)

Guillermo, so carefully putting up his Clemson ornaments.

Viviana's candy themed tree is probably one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations each year.
My favorite ornaments are the ones my coworker makes me each year.

My two adorable, but mischievous Christmas Elves.
Guillermo's parents stayed with us over Thanksgiving which was really special this year to spend so much time with them.

And the weather could not be more perfect. We've had more chilly, "fall/winter" like days this year than any year I can remember, it's so freaking fantastic!! :)

Although we had a great thanksgiving meal at my parents house in the craziness of the day I didn't take ONE single picture! Major sadness.

We got to go out to eat Hibachi with the Vicens & Ivan & Kat.

Vivi was so awesome with her chopsticks!

We had such a great time with family and it was sad it was such a short visit, but Vicens had to get back home because they were flying out to California where Carla got engaged yesterday (12.7.14)!!!! We are SO EXCITED for her & Max!

Rebecca & Will came down for thanksgiving weekend and we got to spend time with them (and Quinn's BFF, Giovanni, their rather fluffy Pomeranian)!

Such good times!

There are so many things to be thankful for and we are just so, so grateful for each other. Great friends, great family and just a GRATEFUL life. Thank you God!!


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