Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa at the Joe!

Santa, oh Santa, wherefore art thou?
Vivi literally ran to Santa yelling SANTA at the top of her lungs!

Last weekend I discovered I had a free morning to do whatever we wanted since our morning plans fell thru so I rushed to my Charleston magazine which listed all the Christmas stuff going on. I discovered this amazing event with toys for tots where if you brought a toy you could do crafts & meet Santa & Charlie the Riverdog.  I knew the kids would go bonkers & luckily I always have gifts that I buy year round for the kids we adopt at Christmas!

If this ain't "Charleston at Christmas" I'm not sure what is.....

Quinn excitedly telling Santa about the ambulance set he wants for Christmas.....

Viviana telling Santa about the Frozen slippers she wants for Christmas....

And Judah - the "stranger whisperer" speaking so quietly I can't hear him. As an exact opposite of my other two (the loudest children in the entire world. Lol).

Couldn't resist this precious one of Viviana mining for gold on the big guy's lap!

You know the kids LOVE mascots. This made their day to see the Sting Ray, Charlie and Santa in one day!

Viviana blows me away with her ability for crafts.  She's so darn smart. She strung this candy cane all by herself with no help!

Quinn is OBSESSED with coloring. Every single day, that's all he wants to do, so this is a major score for him. They both wanted Santa to have their pictures.

And you know Viviana was about to lose her mind with these girls.

Ahh, the sweet Christmas memories make me SO Happy!

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