Friday, December 12, 2014

Please December, go by SLOWLY!!

Every year our first weekend of December is the same: Hanahan Christmas Tree Lighting & Movie in the Park, Hanahan Christmas Parade & the Judson's Christmas party!
It was the PERFECT night. Perfect weather, the most gorgeous full moon you ever saw.....

Happy. Happy. Happy.

I'm so sad we didn't get pics with all of our other friends & my work family, but at least I captured one of Scott holding my little wild woman. 

The boys both started basketball & Guillermo is Quinn's coach!

We NEVER get a family photo, but we got one this year at the parade! Woo hoo!

I'm mad this photo was so over exposed! :( But me & my favorite little Christmas elves!

Lots & lots & lots of Christmas movies.

A special Christmas treats!

And every year we just enjoy being around all the people we love so much, like the Judson's!

I had to post this progression. So the boys had to have their picture with Ryan since they happened to be matching.

Vivi did NOT like that she wasn't allowed in that picture!

But she agreed to a picture as we were leaving.... it's all good. :)  And PS. Vivi has been acting rather "pooey" lately so yesterday I said "Stop being pooey" and she replied, very angrily "I'm not pooey, I'm Viviana!" Ahh, girls!

The original 3 amigos (and hijo).

Our classic annual Christmas pic 2014

When drunky McGee took our photo last year
Our picture in 2012 when I was 8 months preggo with Viviana. 

Good times & Looking forward to the rest of the holiday season!!

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