Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick or Treat!

This year the boys & I wore coordinating costumes & Guillermo & Viviana wore coordinating costumes... it's getting hard to do a full family of 5 costume plan that everyone likes. The boys are at an age where dressing up like, gingerbread men to match with the story book theme for example would be balked at. ;)  Which makes me sad, but hey at least we're not to the year where none of us coordinate!
Judah was a prisoner, I was a cat burglar and Quinn was a cop. 
I was going to wear a black eye mask but for the first time in my life I was able to get pretty darn perfect dramatic black liner cat eyes, so I couldn't cover it up with a piece of black cloth, right? ;)
Quinn had the BEST expressions of a cop. I'm telling you- that boy needs to be on TV!!

Another favorite....
Are you ready for mega cuteness?  Viviana was The Little Red Riding Hood and G was the big bad wolf!

She's not sure if she wants to go to grandmother's house....

It's so awesome to go through each holiday with kids one year older and more dependant. I love my lil' babes, but man do I love having all older kids! :)

Because Mama is on a diet, we kept their candy stash SMALL & trick or treated accordingly. 
Cause I have a confession, at my house, Mom & Dad might eat 75% of all Halloween candy once the kids go to bed each night. So that ain't happening this year! Lol.

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