Friday, November 21, 2014

Letters to Santa

I'm telling you, my sweet Judah just blows me away.  This was his Christmas list this year.
 I mean... what 7 year old kid asks for money for orphans and Jesus in their heart on their Christmas list- completely unprompted?  I literally teared up reading this list.

Quinn's list totally cracked me up. He wants an ambulance toy set.  I love the ambulance EMTs/paramedics to the bottom right, the angel flying overhead and the sick person on the ground. I have NO clue where/how/when he decided he wanted this set, but he's asked for it for months!
Viviana's a bit like Picasso with her art work on this, she was being very pooey that day.  She wanted to "write" like her brothers and not color anything. So these chicken scratches are her "writing" what she wants. :)

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