Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Goodbye Fall, Hello CHRISTMAS season!

I love the "end of fall" (and I know it's just the end of fall in my head I'm well aware it's technically still fall).  The "end of fall" (in my head) is the fair. It's the last week of October & first week of November. And we always go the last Saturday it's open. Because apparently we're glutton's for punishment.
It was a fair-food-feasting-extravaganza. And boy, did my stomach pay the price for that.

Not sure how you manage to eat a caramel apple with two missing teeth and two loose front teeth, but with clearly he made it work.

After waiting in one line for a bigger "adult" ride that took 45 minutes, we decided to go over to the kiddie area and let them ride & ride until their heart was content. It was their hard earned allowance money that bought their hand stamp, so I wanted them to be well rewarded.
Plus their hard earned allowance gave them $20 for games (plus of course the money we gave them) but I forgot to take a picture of the garbage prizes they won. ;)

This is basically the whole reason Guillermo wants to go to the fair. TURKEY LEG!

We left Viviana with my parents, so it was just a GREAT night with my two big boys!
And a whole bunch of cute animals......


I had to post a picture of my fall table before it changes to CHRISTMAS table this weekend. Woot woot! So excited!!!!

And the kids cute, impromptu "fall" picture I captured right before we went into church.
And goodbye to fall flag football. Try saying that 10 times in a row!

Judah was really bummed one night after a bad practice, so I told him he needed to figure out what would make him a better football player and just start working on those areas. He wrote himself out a little chart of things to work on. He's so cute!
"Juke" "Bloke" (block) "Keep the corter back safe" (quarter back)
I love how hard they work in sports. And we are truly sad football is over. The kids had a great team dynamic, great coach, my only regret is to wait until now to start Judah.....
And of course, this one, who is obsessed with the cheerleaders and wants to go stand by them the whole time....

See Judah, number 8.....

End of season treats.

Coach Phillip and his two biggest fans.  
I LOVED all the crafts Viviana brought home from daycare!! 

 Happy fall y'all!

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