Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Little Linebackers & the newest Soler.

Ok, so I have NO CLUE what a linebacker is, but it sounded good, right?
The boys started football this year.  This is by far Judah's favorite sport, loves to watch it, loves to play it.  Their team is the Hanahan Royals! I love my Hanahan royal blue & orange, so it's fun to see these colors!
While Judah, like every other sport is taking this very seriously & competing as hard as he can, Quinn is just having fun. Which I love. He's a fast little booger, but I'm not sure he knows what's going on out there. Bless his heart. ;)
He looks pretty serious though!

 And with only ONE small mud hole in the whole dang place, of course, he found it, fell in it and got soaked!
Quinn said when we pulled up at the game - I don't want to play football, I want to just go look at the cheerleaders. They're so pretty.
Yep, my little Don Quinn.
You ready to see the Courtney Sherman SERIOUS FACE that I passed down to my first born? This is the EXACT look I had as a kid when I was beating the snot out of a piñata at a party. Lol.


I love the only girl on the team and her awesome long braids!

I hate this picture came out blurry, I love Judah's face here. He is relentless.

LOOK AT THIS KID'S FACE. He is going to be a NFL star one day. He is like ten times better than anyone on any team we've seen.

My sweet little sidekick. Amusing herself with the crap out on the field.

And if I had to guess what she's thinking, it's WHEN is mama going to get me something from the concession stand?

Yay! Football. And - no- that's not a sarcastic YAY. I love kids football - well any live football for that matter. It's the dang tv football that I hate!
And I wasn't sure it was possible to add anything cuter to my house than this....
but we did. We lost our minds & got a PUPPY!
Meet our CHUG (Chihuahua & Pug mix): Ellington "Ellie" Soler.

She's 8 weeks old. And the most snuggly precious thing we've ever seen.

Burrito de perro.  Can you tell Vivi is just a little bit excited about her new sister. Guillermo says Viviana is like the little girl in Finding Nemo (the obnoxious one that was going to come to take nemo from her uncle the dentist).  But hopefully she can learn to be gentle with Ellie.

She's currently 1 lb. Her dad, the chihuahua is 1.5 lbs & her mom - the pug is 12 lbs, so she'll hopefully be really tiny.

The responsible one.

The obsessed one, who will never.ever.ever. put. her. down.

And her new BFF. Awwww. 

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