Friday, September 26, 2014

Number One Hustler

 When I get a wild hair to redecorate it's usually swift & I'm VERY impatient.  One day out of the blue I was whining to Guillermo about we need to repaint the kitchen because 1. My tree/bird decal had like 3 years of dust on it because you can only dust a wall decal so much because it's sort of sticky/rubbery.  2. Between the 3 kids growing from babies to toddlers over the past several years my wall looked like a Gallagher show with food drips/smudges/lines.
And if you're going to repaint you have to redecorate, right??
But- whenever I want to redecorate we usually never have the funds.
Way to redecorate when you have no money:
be a hustler. 
I immediately purged the kids closets & attic until I had enough crap for a giant garage sale.  I also posted stuff on craigslist.  Then online shop your brains out. Go to every thrift store you love.  Go to every Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx around. Find good deals. Repurpose stuff in your house.
Also, if your redecorating is around a season/holiday that gives gifts, maybe friends and family will give you gift cards to help your project!
 First things first. PAINT.  All year long I pick up the "mistint" paint from Lowe's or Home Depot, it's usually really cheap and if it's a nice color I may use later, I just pick it up.  G painted the whole kitchen with one gallon of really nice paint/primer that I picked up for $8 (mistint) about 6 months ago. I just loved the buttery white color.
This bookcase was originally in Vivi's room.  We sold the computer armoire. 
All of the items on the bookcase are repurposed from around the house. Or things in the kitchen.


This is my stacking doll collection from when Julie lived in Russia over TEN years ago! And from my mother in law when they lived in Italy recently! I love them!

I got these shot glasses years ago & never had a place to display them. How awesome are they "say when" with the man with the gun! I love puns!

My milk glass which will probably always be on display in my kitchen. And some great Blue Willow style china I've had for 8 years and finally matches my kitchen décor!

I love the concept of the hanging fruit baskets hanging on the wall to get it off the counter & finally found these baskets from At Home (formerly Garden Ridge) for $10/each.

No matter what in life you want to do you can usually find something of yours to sell to make money to buy something else you want. I usually try to think of something I could sell. For example, today I sold a pot rack on craigslist for $40.  But sometimes CL can be a nightmare and it's better to take the tax deduction from Goodwill (or any thrift)....
Ahhh, can you tell that stuff makes me EXCITED? :)

You know what makes my kids excited? COSTUMES!

Quinn is the best poser I know. I never tell him what to do when I take pictures.. what a ham!

Vivi is the best super hero I know, look at that expression!

Now go out & think of ways you can hustle. And like the Jon Acuff hustle, not street corner hustle. ;)

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