Monday, August 11, 2014

The Highs & Lows of Parenting.....

One of my absolute favorite things to do with the kids is to take them out individually as often as I can. It's just good for our souls. We can be silly, skipping down the street, give & get lots of kisses, I can tell them things about how awesome they are without worrying about making one of the other kids feel like I don't think they're awesome too. Plus being with just one kid is so much easier, they are usually so well behaved, which, ahem, ISN'T always the case when they're with each other.
A few weekends ago I forgot to post pics from my weekend! Vivi & I got to go on a special date downtown.
You gotta stop & smell the flowers.....

She's a boss.

She got to shop for a special necklace at Forever 21...thankfully she steered away from the giant necklaces & chose a small rhinestone bear. Not that I'm against my daughter looking like Mr. T now....

Viviana is by far my most shy child but she is SO silly and a total ham. She talks non-stop & notices everything. She picks up on all the jokes & even tries to tell jokes. Mostly potty humor, thanks to two big brothers. Sigh.
Now speaking of parenting being harder with more than one kid, here is a classic example.
Guillermo was helping a friend out so I was a single mama on a Saturday. I'm bound & determined that it was going to be a GREAT day.  I had mentally refilled my patience & was ready for the day.
We successfully went to our favorite thrift store. The kids were great, they listened & they found a few treasures. Great morning. PLUS Saturday's are my cheat day so I'm full on fat kid happy. I knew I wanted pizza for lunch.
Judah was happy & great.

Viviana was happy and great....

And Quinn was happy, for a few minutes....
And it's all sort of downhill from there....

And the pizza was heavenly. What could go wrong?
Well, kids, kids could go wrong. At any moment.
Quinn joked "I'm going to eat some cheese" (the sprinkle parmesan cheese). I told him he'd better not and turned my head for a few seconds to help Viviana. Or maybe to look longingly at the pizza with cartoon hearts circling around my head.  Either way I looked back and he had cheese all over his tongue and I saw the big giant slobber mark on the TOP of the cheese. He had LICKED the top of the cheese.
Now I'm telling  you, I wanted to explode. I can't tell you how often I feel like no one hears a thing I'm saying at home and I have to repeat myself constantly at the house. But you'd think at the table, JUST telling him no, he would listen. Or have common sense enough to know that's a BIG naughty no-no. But no.
I literally wanted to do things that would've gotten DSS called on me in the restaurant.  So instead, I made him sit in time out on the floor for the rest of lunch.  So if you were anywhere in the vicinity of Ladson Rd on that fateful weekend where a little boy sat on the floor and watched his family eat, with the Mom probably turning purple like an angry minion, that was us.
Jesus, take the wheel.

Darn you parmesan cheese. Which don't worry, we fessed up to the waitress, and she went & cleaned it!
Kids.... sigh.

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