Thursday, August 21, 2014

Squeezing Every Last Drop before School Starts

We squeezed every last drop of summer fun out before school started this year. I always get SO sad when summer is over. Flexible schedules are the best! Plus, night time trips to the beach, parks, water parks were the best week night activities. Now it's all about the bedtime. UGH, the dreaded bedtime. Why can't I let my kids go to bed at 10PM and school can start at 10AM? Who thought a 630 bus stop was a good idea? Definitely an insane person. Lol.
The last weekend before school was no exception. Amongst our family fun we actually got to celebrate 5 people's birthdays! Waterslides, pools, parks, loads of fun!

The never ending costumes in my house. The kids, especially Quinn and Viviana are obsessed with costumes. EVERY single weekend, costumes. Vivi is the ninja-pirate-buzz-lightyear.
And in our insane heat, the indoor play area at the mall never gets old. Plus the employees at the Dairy Queen now how to make me the world's most mini-cone to fit into my diet caloric intake for the day! Woot Woot.

Always jumping. All. Three. Kids.

My little ballerina girl. Cause wearing a tutu & ballet pink makes you a ballerina, right? ;)

My fearless water monkey. Like throw herself in with no swimmies monkey... gotta watch that one.

Because of the angle of the picture above, doesn't it look like Quinn's little friend is holding him with one hand?

We got to celebrate Papa's birthday this weekend. He sure is special to our family. I'm not sure what we'd do without him, the best Dad in the world!!

And he always lets the kids spit out, I mean, blow out his candles with that's love.

School starting is just sadness to me. It's a reminder how fast they are growing & how few of these left I actually have (for Judah, I only have 10 more of these first days of school before he's in college!!!), it's a reminder summer is over and all the fun we had. Sigh.
But the kids sure love going back to school. Even though Quinn, my comedian child/clown said he was too shy for kindergarten! Crazy kid. He'll probably be doing a solo dance/singing act of "Wiggle" by Jason Derulo for his whole class and I'll get a call from the teacher when he says "whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt" (thank you summer camp older kids for teaching my children the lyrics to that whole song). Lol
I have to think back when Judah started Kindergarten.....
And then Judah was in 1st Grade when Quinn started Pre-K midyear

And now my big 2nd grader & kindergartner!


My silly BIG handsome boys!

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