Monday, July 7, 2014

Celebrating in the land & the people that I love!

Last week I was able to take 2 extra days off (along with the holiday) to spend special time with the kids. Guillermo is gone at night and Saturday working, so it was just the kids & I most of the time but they were SO good & we had a lot of fun.

The kids decided they wanted to empty their piggy bank to go on extra special adventures! They were so excited and we were all surprised Batman was holding almost $50!

At summer camp we had to purchase a pass for the water park, but the good news is that means the boys are paid for all summer to go whenever they want. Vivi is free, so I only had to pay for myself! Score!

It was the PERFECT day & the kids were SO good & listened so well. I was scared about chaos and three kids running in different directions at the park.
There was only ONE drawback to the day. Lemme tell you- slathering up 3 kids, plus myself with sunscreen is no easy task, so I skipped my legs thinking they'd be in the water anyhow. Yea, totally forgot about the lazy river and my dang legs hanging out of the raft for about 45 minutes. So I had lobster legs all weekend. The life of a really pale person. Waaah.

But thankfully the kids all have inherited Guillermo's genes in the tanning department and didn't burn....
On a side note, Vivi's losing her little baby fat legs. Tear!

Just a gorgeous day- Blue skies forever!

On the 4th we spent most of the day at the beach with some great friends. Another amazing day!

Bell-ay! & more slathering up! :)

Our peeps came over for American meal of burgers, chips & slaw. No battling traffic to see fire works, it was one of the best fourth of July I can remember. Even if my friend thought she saw a big fin in the water and I wanted to crap my pants. ;)

More partying with friends on Saturday night and they even brought snap rocks & poppers.
 The kids had such a blast!

Party time! Let's hope the birds have gathered all of the string for really colorful nests!

Party people in the house tonight.

This one is always being a clown (and trying to eat things that shouldn't go in mouths)

And it's the incredible Hulk!

I got some cute pics of the kids after church.... but the best part is the outtakes below. Trying to get kids to look at the camera and do great smiles is like trying to photograph big foot.

I hope you had the best holiday!!

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