Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mama brain, Judah's party, More Water Fun & the World Cup! Phew!

This dang mama brain! As I was deleting a whole bunch of pictures from my camera, I thought, hmm....I don't think I ever downloaded my pics from Judah's bday party!! And sure enough, I had deleted several of them and they never got uploaded, so several great pics are gone. BOO, but here are some of the pics I forgot to post from his party... such a GREAT day with GREAT weather!
My precious, precious birthday boy!

The boys are obsessed with throwing a football around. I'm so glad G & Ivan love to play with them!

I LOVE this picture of Kat & Vivi, so sweet!

My adorable little hoola-hooper! Although she couldn't quite hoola hoop, well, neither can I...

Sweet little Sam & Nora, aren't they just adorable?

Now that I have kids, I love going to the beach.... we finally made it to the BEST beach in Charleston (in our humble opinions)- Sullivan's Island and we were there about an hour and KABOOM, the sky fell out. But it sure was perfect for that hour!

This little beach bum is the only one that stays with me anymore, the boys are out swimming with their daddy...

Sullivan's Island is so picturesque.

Yep, you see that sky, time to go!

Not less than one minute getting in the car, it was like a tropical storm. Ahhh, Charleston in the summer! Gotta love it!

And of course, more sprinkler fun... which if you're not familiar with the sprinkler's in Charleston & need a way to beat the heat here is a list:
- Pictured here - The North Charleston Riverfront Park $0
-Pictured last post- The "pineapple" fountain downtown $0
-The Daniel Island fountain (it's a park right by the water, when we get on the island, we go straight until you go thru the Seven Farms Rd intersection, keep going til it ends into a parking area $0
-Pictured last post- Wannamaker park fountain ($1/per person over 2 to get into the park, unless you have a pass)- all Charleston County Parks have a fountain
I think I like the Wannamaker Park splash pad the best because it has standing water where they can sit & play in a little bit of water, but this one above has bathrooms right there, the fountain lights up at night and it always has music playing which is fun, plus it's "riverfront" (aka, oceanfront) with a nice view. Next time I'll take scooters like the other little boy in the picture... such a great idea.
I had to take a picture of Viviana's little piggies. She seems SO big and SO mature, but when I see her widdle footsies & toesies I know she's still my little baby.(Sorry for obnoxious baby talk. Lol)

And of course no self respecting sports fanatic could've passed up watching the world cup Sunday... even the boys got into it! Go 'Murica!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Celebrations & Big Changes....

Judah had the sweetest awards ceremony at the end of school.  We will sure miss his incredible teacher, Miss Donnahoo! I can't believe I have a 2nd grader & a kindergartener!

Judah getting his award & hugging his teacher. Judah got the most enthusiastic learner & his music teacher gave out the most musical award to one boy & one girl in his class & he won that award too!
My Mom's big milestone birthday came up this year and we had been planning for months a big celebration!
It was so covert, my sisters came down a day early & I kept having to throw my Mom off about her big birthday weekend.
We made the most out of our Friday night with the Quinton's & Nizam's- taco truck & game night! Starting the weekend off with our favorite peeps & favorite activities. :)

We surprised my Mom by everyone holding balloons and singing her happy birthday on the front lawn. She had NO clue my sisters & their families were down and she was so overjoyed!
Of course we had to start with her favorite meal- shrimp & grits.

We were soooo happy to have everyone down. How I wished we all lived in the same place!

I pray that Vivi & I always have the special relationship my Mom & I have!

My Mom was pampered all day and each part was a surprise to her.  Nails did, hair did, makeup did. ;)
Little did my Mom know that we were having our family photos taken, which we've never done before....
Rebecca was able to get this vintage car for the picture (and thanks to Matt too!!) & brought down that chair & blanket from ATL!
My sisters make sure everything is perfect, I swear, those two and their eye for perfect details & my grunt work we could conquer the world. Lol.
Sweet little cousins. I love how Vivi is looking lovingly at her Judah bear.

This is by far, my favorite! Such cute Mimi & Papa & their grand bebes.

My Mom is so amazing in every way.  We loved celebrating her! She is by far one of the most selfless people I know.  Everything she did and does was for us kids or my Dad.  She has blessed us in SO many ways and we were so happy to bless her for her very special day!
Look at that handsome couple!

Like all great weekends, it ended too soon!
Happy Birthday Mom! I loooove you!
You know it's summertime when almost everything you do has to do with getting wet!

& lots of dinners outside before the bugs & heat become unbearable....

Look at Viv's little mischievous face!

These two just adore each other.

Monkey see, monkey do....

Yea, that one didn't end well.....

I love that there are several free fountains in the low country.... this one is one of the best, for the days you're willing to bear downtown traffic/tourists.

These three are my world. My favorite thing in the whole world is to be with them!
For the big changes in our life, Viviana started preschool at a wonderful church daycare & the boys are in summer camp this week.  It's been a big change for us, but I think it'll be really good.  The boys will have the best summer they've ever had going on field trips & to the big water park at least once, if not twice a week.  Viviana, who is so social has already said she Loves her friends in school.
And on sad news, our dear, Tio Jorge has passed away.  It just breaks our hearts.  Tio welcomed me into the family with such open & loving arms.  He was so, so kind & complimentary to our family and they came here to Charleston to visit us when the kids were born, which meant so much to us. Guillermo has so many great memories of Tio & always respected him so much as a kid & growing up.  He will be dearly missed. We love you Tio!