Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I felt so special this year because Judah's class had a special mother's day presentation.
I rarely cry. But see what is on that screen "Love You Forever", that book, I can barely look at the cover without wanting to boo hoo. And it's not the cute cry, it's like the snot all over cry!
So when she read it, I had to think of other thoughts as to not embarrass Judah crying like an insane person. Lol.
Judah's little class. I LOVE his teacher and am getting SO SAD that we're not going to have her anymore!

Judah's incredible painting for me!

This is so hilarious, Judah made this for me. I love the he says I really love basketball. I really love THEM playing basketball, but hate sports in general.  And he loves me because my Mom (Mimi) is the best. Lol.  He is my heart. He is the sweetest, most sincere, hardest working kid.

And so adorable. I'll always look at his face and see that gorgeous baby face from when he was first born!

Mother's day was extra special this year. We decided to take a one night trip to Savannah.  In our busy world, it seems like one great way to have really good intentional one on one time is to take a trip together.  

We started off the trip with my Mom's requested shrimp & grits! Guillermo is the master of the shrimp & grits.....

And because we're scavenger junkies we had to hit up savannah's flea market.....

CHEAT day (funnel cakes & fried corn dogs!)

Mimi & Papa gave the kids money to spend in the flea market and they were so thoughtful not to waste it on small things and bought one bigger item instead.

Now this gun is complete with flashing lights and machine gun sounds (yay. umm, not really. lol)

I love this. Judah is the best brother.

Savannah is so much like Charleston, so charming.

Everyone's got the same squint. Love my boys!

I am so thankful for my Mom. Just the best mom in the world. Such a great example of being so selfless with your kids. She did everything for us and wanted to be with us everyday as kids. We did everything as a family & had so much fun. I am SO beyond grateful to have her as a good, godly, amazing example as a mom!

We were lucky to find a splash pad right in downtown!

This picture totally cracks me up!

Peter pan shadows....


I am so thankful for my little angels. Motherhood is the biggest job I'll ever do, but all the sacrifices & hardships are far outweighed by the joys & indescribable love you have for your kids. I am so, so grateful for my family.

The train museum was SO much fun.  We all love seeing the history & of course the boys loved riding the train.

Viviana has SO many expressions. I had to post this one for laughs. She's very concerned about something at the train yard!

Goodbye Savannah, it was real!
I also am SO thankful for my sweet mother in law. She is the best Abuela & everytime they are in town they make the kids feel so special by taking them special places! I know that Guillermo must've been a fun/exhausting/wild kid to raise & she did a great job, because Guillermo is a pretty incredible guy. :)

I am also SO thankful that I've gotten to know Guillermo's Abuela and the kids have gotten to know her as well.  She is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people you'll ever meet. 
 I am so grateful to have married into such a wonderful family!


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