Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduations & Birthdays! Happy Times!

The weather was SO nice for so long, now that it's heated up to eternal damnation degrees it's time for water play!

That's the look of happiness, not a grimace. That girl loves the water! Even when the boys were crying it was too cold, she was in it head first.

So thanks to Abuela & Abuelo Viviana's bedroom is complete! Doesn't her new duvet cover look nice!

The awesome pillow that Bisa made for Viviana....

It cracks me up when kids "graduate" from school at this age, but here is Quinn at his pre-k "graduation". He was so happy!  His special achievement was being athletic. :)

Quinn's teachers are in the flowered dress (Mrs. Firesheets) and the striped dress (Mrs. Gomez).
My baby turned 7 on the 20th!  We were so excited for him to get his bike! He was so in shock, he just kept saying "a bike?!".... 

Everyone practices bike safety at our house. :)

This guy is BEGGING us to take his training wheels off now....

GMO- BEST DAD EVER. Running up & down the street every night helping him learn how to ride. I bet he'll be riding on his own after this weekend!

This is my nightly view, the dog chasing Judah & G, Vivi chasing Quinn. Just sort of perfect nights!

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