Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Date Night, Cheat Day, and the Many Faces of a Clown

Saturday was EXTRA special because G & I had an unexpected date night when plans fell thru but we had sitters for the kids!
G & I are on really serious diets, BUT we have cheat day once a week & we went to two restaurants to eat food we had been dreaming of all week long. :)

Fried cheese curds  & beer. Yummmmmmm.

And table side guacamole. These are what dreams are made of!
Am I insane for posting pictures of my food on my blog? I guess that's a side effect of being on a diet for 6 weeks, good junk food ranks right up there with pics of your kids!

This was one of my best Craigslist finds. 120 for $100.  They would've been close to $400 if we bought them new....

I had to post a pic of the ONLY garden I've ever been able to grow. My succulent garden. How purty!

And I went crazy with a can of hammered metallic spray paint and painted everything I could before the can ran out... the railing, the columns.....


A bird has made her nest in one of the boys baseball helmets.Look to the middle/left of the picture you can see the baby birds yellow beaks. So cute & the chirping is adorable.

This girl is so silly.  She goes through every single emotion possible.... I love it when I'm trying to take her picture and she's moving & talking & I capture her silly expressions....


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