Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors

G & I had to work this weekend, and I was sick, but that doesn't stop us from having fun.... There's nothing better than the weekend!
I could eat this girl up.

Somehow we landed the best tball schedule ever. All of our games are on Mondays & Fridays. So you start your weekend off right with the camaraderie of friends & fun.
Special friends & family came to see the kids play! 

Saturday we had another birthday party at Alhambra Hall. One of Charleston's "hidden gems"......we never tire of going there!

I love this boy- he's growing up TOO fast!
The other day I could see he had a little pep in his step, so I asked him what was going on:
Me: what are you smiling about?
Judah: I feel like I'm 18 years old!
Me: why's that?
Judah: cause I feel SO COOL!
Me: that's awesome, why do you feel SO COOL?
Judah: because of my bracelet!
(his red rubber bracelet that his teacher gave him. Ahh, it's the little things)

Look at the adorable birthday girl!

Guillermo can't help but snuggle Vanna.

I should get all Jillian Michaels on the kids and yell for them to pump major iron on the monkey bars! ;)

Quinn didn't think he could jump up and grab onto the bar. This is the delight on his face when I made him try & he got it.

We washed the dog & a bunch of outdoor stuff, can you tell it still was a little chilly to be sprayed by the hose?

Quinn wanted to wear his boots with his shorts. Hey, at least it's not socks with sandals!

And of course Judah had to rock G's Clemson hat with his outfit, complete with the sticker still on the bill (Oh, Guillermo)......
This is Viviana's "don't tell me NO and I'm mad at you for not letting me do what I wanna do" face. I'm sure I'll see this face 67,316 more times by the time she's 18.

James & Elizabeth came with us to one of our fav places on Sunday, the flea market.  Extra fun for the kids - cute little bunnies & ducks!

Super impressed with James's "air" on the trampoline.
And can you believe after all these years of saying James'  I just realized from a college English professor it's James's (the horror, it looks SO WRONG).

The boys both got magic marker tattoos from Uncle James. I'm 100% sure they are more excited about these tattoos than $100 worth of toys I could've bought them.

If Judah's bracelet made him feel 18 year old cool, no doubt his cobra tattoo made him feel 35 year old cool (hee hee).....

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