Monday, April 7, 2014

Play Ball & Viviana's Big Girl Room.

This weekend was the baseball/softball open for the 2014 Hanahan Rec Ball.  If you're like me and know nothing about sports, that means you stop practicing & now play real games.
I chose to not move Judah up to the 7 year old league (he's only 6, so I'd only moved him up to be with better players)  so for one season he & Quinn could be on the same team. It's SO nice to only go to one game/practice!
Here are my little Raptors. Or the Rappers as Quinn called them for the first 3 weeks cause it was hard for him to say RapTors. Lol.

I love the Viv tried to copy her dad & put her hand (s) on her heart during the pledge of allegiance.

She's the most enthusiastic cheerleader!

"Bwothas" "Judah & Cuckoo play bayball Mama!!" (yes, Viviana calls Quinn Cuckoo)

The serious player here.....

Quinn trying to be equally serious....

They got some really good hits!

Little buddy Reece jumped in the picture with us.
Mimi & Papa took Judah out for his date day after the game & he felt SO special!

My handsome little dude.

Look at that little cutie! He's so excited to be like Judah & that they're on the same team!

Although Quinn had gone out on a special date with my parents a few weeks prior, he kept asking if he got to do something special with us. So we went to a car wash.  He was beside himself with excitement, but Vivi (this was her first car wash) was so torn. She couldn't tell if she was having fun, was terrified or deeply concerned for our car.


I'm 99% finished with Viviana's big girl room.  Guillermo rehung all of her pictures to fit better with her new arrangement & put up the new cabinet the Quinton's gave us.
I am so in love with the vintage iron daybed we found on CL (Have I already mentioned, I got it for $35!!!) Anyways, it'll look better when we can turn the bed the right way, until then those are her guard rails. :)

The only thing I have yet to buy is a duvet cover...... it has to be the perfect one to fit perfectly with the mix of patterns/colors in the room....

The precious "God bless Viviana" pillow & fleece twin size blanket Viv's Bisabuela (great grandma) made her!

My one sadness about moving straight from the crib to a twin bed (instead of a toddler bed) is that we couldn't use Vivi's crib quilt anymore.  Thankfully it fits perfectly on the end of the bed!

This has always been on her walls, but I wanted to take a closeup picture for posterity's sake.
The hat/diaper cover is from our dear friends, and what she wore in her baby pictures.  The pink dress was Carla's baby dress (G's sister)....

And this christening gown was my Grandpa's gown.  I was so terrified of it getting ruined I never even put her in it, afraid she'd barf all over it. Now I regret that. :(

Now all of the things Vivi loved to dig in (while on her dresser) are up in the cabinet, how perfect!

This weekend I also exchanged the boys pants for their shorts & it feels more & more like summer! Woot woot! Exciting!!

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