Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hippity Hop!

We've just been a TAD bit excited over here for the wonderful weather & spring activities!

This is her "please stop taking my picture face".....

We went to Hanahan's Family Fun day over the weekend & had a blast! Local churches put on a great day with jump castles, easter egg hunts & more!
The biggest sadness for me was saying no to LOTS of homemade treats in bake sale after bake sale!  BOO for diets.


She was so proud of her face painting!

Can you tell Judah & Quinn feel like cool kids with their face paint?

This boys is so much like his mama, so INTENSE when it comes to fun games!

The Easter egg hunt might as well have been an Olympic event!

Can you tell how proud Viviana was hoarding her stash?
And the best part was, there were only a few candies in each egg, they were limited to five and I think half got lost between there & home so NO temptation for moms & dads after their kids go to bed! LOL

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