Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The armpit of the south & our crew of ninjas......

I was very blessed to have work training that the family was able to tag along to the "armpit of the south" (as per my husband, the die-hard Clemson fan, Columbia isn't all that bad).
The kids & G had a REAL vacay while I was at work!
Have you been to Edventure? Best kids museum we've been to. They loved playing in Eddie (the giant boy) the best.

I'm definitely going to make sure all of my kids know how to change a tire... what a brilliant idea!
Fire Marshall Viviana!

No trip to Columbia is complete until you've gone to the mall with the merry-go-round!

Quinn said that even though we were in "Gamecock town" he was still a Clemson fan! (and proof in his coloring picture)

Double score, we went to an amazing thrift store one night and in the same parking lot was a Krispy Kreme! That pretty much sums up Heaven for me....

Of course Big Baby got to enjoy all aspects of our trip as we creeped people all over the south with her presence during the trip....

And we got to spend the weekend in Atlanta with my sisters & their families!!
We got to go to one of our favorite restaurants, it's Persian with a BUFFET! All the feta cheese, olives, handmade bread & skewered perfectly cooked meats you can eat.  My mouth is actually watering this as I type!

"Chief" "Chiefzilla" "Zilla" even joined us... our world traveling friend Ryan was in town & we got to hang with him, that was awesome.

We LOVE to be with our family!!

So every time we're together, our kids are subjected to one obnoxious photography project......
But I savor these moments & pictures so much.
Our crew of ninjas are 7, 6, 5, 4 & 2. 


We got to see Rebecca's beautiful new house! And take more family photos before we departed for Charleston. Boo hoo.

These are the precious moments you never want to end....

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