Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning, err'thang.

Our house has gone under a MAJOR PURGE because I decided since Guillermo was helping my mom with her garage sale that I would put stuff in the garage sale too. 
Then stuff became LOTS OF STUFF. Including the large majority of my baby items.
I think I got rid of half of my closet. Ahhhhh. I love it.
But I'm also depressed cause I officially got rid of all the clothes I don't fit in, and of course giving away/selling baby stuff is just a momentary sadness.....
But one of the best feelings of spring cleaning was outside.  We never spend money on outside because we have way too many expenses inside.  We used our garage sale money to buy mulch & with that we cleaned up the yard.
This is the in progress picture. G was trying so hard to prune our massively tall palm trees. What a chore! 


I'm not sure if you can appreciate that stack, but it's about six feet tall!

There is something so beautiful about fresh simple easy to maintain landscaping! :) My sister & I agree, we'd be perfectly happy with AstroTurf!

My one beautiful surviving succulent had to be replanted. I hope it continues to bloom!

Because the kids worked SO HARD with us they got ice cream.
I joked that it was Willie Nelson in the ice cream truck!

I always make sure the kids know that hard work pays off....

This one on the other hand was harder to convince to lend a hand.... (not that her lending a hand doesn't just create a bigger mess, Lol)

She literally is the queen of funny faces. All day long she's trying to get you to laugh and is constantly sticking her bootie out and making pooting noises. Only my daughter....

 This kid works SO hard. And he's all about earning his allowance & deciding how to spend his savings!
He was saving his money for a cruise.  Then he changed his mind and wanted to take his daddy to a Steelers game in PA, then he told me he wanted to use his savings to buy his daddy a really nice set of drums. I love that kid.  So, I convinced them to put their money towards a trampoline on craigslist (their net kept breaking on the 7ft trampoline and a new net is $80 plus s/h, so a used trampoline is much cheaper).  So tonight Guillermo is picking up their new 14 foot trampoline from CL for $100, of which their savings is paying for $88! I am SO proud of them!! And happy that they can see in a very tangible way what a lot of hard work & savings can buy!

I love productive weekends, but of the entire weekend, this stuff is my favorite! Snuggles & lovin from the cutie pies.

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