Monday, February 10, 2014

What comes around goes around merry go round!

They say what comes around goes around.
Boy is that true with my kids NEED to ride every single little ride & have every single piece of candy/gum we see in a machine.
I know I bugged my parents like crazy when I was a kid. And they always cash, so that means I ate a LOT of candy & rode a lot of $.25 rides in my life.
We NEVER carry cash, so instead the kids sit on the ride & we shake it. Hahaha.
They need to create rides that take a debit card!
Miss Sassafras & her favorite brother. (the one who protects her more rather than bonking her on the head with a bouncy ball, sorry Quinn, Judah earned that title).

I bet if Guillermo & I pushed hard enough we could've made that thing spin circles! JUST kidding.

This weekend was an impromptu PURGE in our house.  When we emptied our pantry it was spread over every single square inch of our kitchen. It was SO NICE to organize & give away so many of our things. And now I can even see all of our serving dishes we keep in the pantry! And maybe they'll even get used!
For the first time in our life in this house we even cleared off the top of the fridge using the new space in the pantry (well except the "bread basket")... it's the little things in life that really amaze & satisfy me. I should've taken a picture. Lol.

And we organized the bottom of Vivi's closet. New basket for diapers/wipes/pull ups (which I haven't had to buy in 3 weeks due to potty training, thank you Jesus). Purged her too small clothes & put her too big clothes in the attic.  Ahhhh.... serenity.

Elizabeth gave us these gorgeous striped bags which replaced the basket & circle container (which is now on the ground) so it's easier for the kids to pull down these toy containers to play with the toys & then put back. I love being organized, now if the kids can just help keep their stuff in the same containers!
And we took a whole carload to Goodwill, and gave 4 bags to friends! I LOVE purging.
Thanks for the inspiration E! ;)

& you have more room to rock out. Doesn't Judah look like a serious jazz drummer here? Lol.

Sunday we got to celebrate the adorable little birthday boy James. Or in our house "Baby Quatro" (his nickname, since he's the 4th)

Looks like Vivi is a bit enamored with James.

Most adorable party favors!

Guillermo & Rusty. Back in the olden days it was thrashing & head banging together, now it's daddy duty. :)

Terri & Vanna. Cuteness.

Look at that handsome lil dude.

Just over all a great weekend. We were pooped.

Charleston is such a show off. Look at this view & that sky!

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