Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's go time!

Winter is for hibernating & Spring is for moving & shaking!
We live a very fast paced life & we're always doing stuff, but these last few weeks we've enjoyed some nice downtime at home in the cold weather.  This spring weather is like drinking a red bull! The weather is getting so gorgeous we're all about DOING as much as we can!
What a joy to decorate the table for spring for our dinner party last weekend.

Arts & crafts are all year round every day, but there's something magical about painting in the springtime with your windows open & the soft breezes going thru the house.
The kids each helped paint a picture on a canvas to hang on the wall.

Here's Judah's truck, done totally by himself.

I pencil drew the Lego man and Quinn painted him without my help (except for the bowtie).

The kids are very proud of their new gallery wall with permanent wall art instead of on our bulletin board.
We're SO SAD to see basketball end.  Not only did the kids skill levels skyrocket thru the season but I realize what great basketball players the boys are.  Quinn's great at running and passing & once Judah gets warmed up he makes basket after basket. I'm so proud of them!

Judah's teacher came & watched him play!

So did Ivan & Kat!
As a parent, nothing makes you happier than when your friends & family come to support your kids.

Viviana loved basketball because as part of keeping her content in the games she got a ring pop each game.

We got to enjoy the Hanahan Amphitheater after the game for a little bit.  There are few things better than the fall in Michigan and the spring in Charleston!

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