Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How we roll.....

It's funny because for at least 2 weeks Judah was begging me to watch them skateboard. Those 2 weeks were the crazy ice storms & feezing cold weather so going outside watching kids skateboard never seemed like a great idea after work and the weekends were so busy, so I finally got to watch them this weekend on a much needed low key Sunday Funday.
Here they go......

This girl has no fear.....

This one, despite helmet & wrist guards (worn backwards, Lol) was VERY timid on his skateboard. Sort of how I feel getting back on a skateboard. I look at that thing and see a hip replacement in my future with one good attempt at an Ollie! Shoot, maybe even just rolling down the sidewalk I'd blow my knee out! Hahaha.

Spoken like a true fat kid, this is more my speed. I have SUCH fond memories eating push-up pops growing up. Not a whole lot better than orange sherbert.
EXCEPT, when it's all over your child when you've walked to the dollar general and let them eat them in the parking lot next door while the boys chase each other like banshees (while eating theirs). And you have no napkin, or stain remover (on her new sweater none the less), and I realize the older I get the more anxiety I have over giant sticky messes! Why can't I just be one of those people that says, stop & smell the roses, let them smear that popsicle ALL OVER their whole bodies, we'll have a fun bubble bath at home!  Every single day we intentionally make moments with the kids. I just try & make sure those moments have the least amount of goop, glitter, paint, glue as possible. (& thank God for a nanny who loves to dive into that stuff & doesn't mind to clean up those messes!)

Straight happiness there. And look at her incisors that finally came in. ALL of her teeth (aside from a few molars) are finally in (that took FOREVER btw). Quinn is convinced she's a vampire they're so sharp. And he thinks he must be a vampire too since his are equally sharp.
On a side note, our kids do have extremely pointy incisors. Both G & I have very pointy ones. Mine were so sharp and I bit my cheek so often finally when I was either in high school or in college I had them filed down!

All of the pics in this post are from my camera phone and so I wanted to post this one random pic from this weekend of Viviana & her Tio. Isn't it too precious!

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