Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to get to the Hanahan Amphitheater!

I can't tell you how many people tell me "I didn't know Hanahan had an amphitheater" when I tell them how awesome it is.
It is hands down one of my top 10 places to be in the whole world. It's just so nice & breezy with the water on both sides, it has the best views, the best open field for the kids to play & there has already been several large & successful events put on by the City of Hanahan at the amphitheater.
It can be a little hard to find if you've never been there before.
 The actual address of the amphitheater is 3100 Mabeline Rd Hanahan SC 29410.
Several GPS can't find that spelling of Mabeline Rd. And sometimes your GPS will take you to Mabelene Rd (which is the connecting road at one point from Rivers to Railroad Ave to get back to the Amphitheater).

Here is a map of the area.  On the left you can see Rivers Ave/Trident Tech.  Several roads take you from Rivers Ave to Railroad Ave, but the one to the left of the orange Trident Tech text box is Mabelene Rd. 
Once on Railroad Avenue, no matter which connecting road you take, you'll turn LEFT onto RAILROAD AVE.
You'll turn RIGHT onto MABELINE RD (the only thing you'll see from the street is Hanahan Elementary School).
You'll veer to the right back to the Hanahan Gym & Hanahan Senior Center.
The yellow highlighted box is the Amphitheater, it's behind the Senior Center.

Here is a closer look at the facilities. 
This is what it'll look like when you're coming up to the turn immediately before Hanahan Elementary School.

Once you turn right, you'll veer to your right where the trees appear to hang over the tree low on the right hand side..... you'll almost immediately see the Hanahan Gym once you turn, just keep going.
PARKING: If you keep driving past the gym & senior center you will see a paved road with parking going towards the amphitheater.

It's go time!

Winter is for hibernating & Spring is for moving & shaking!
We live a very fast paced life & we're always doing stuff, but these last few weeks we've enjoyed some nice downtime at home in the cold weather.  This spring weather is like drinking a red bull! The weather is getting so gorgeous we're all about DOING as much as we can!
What a joy to decorate the table for spring for our dinner party last weekend.

Arts & crafts are all year round every day, but there's something magical about painting in the springtime with your windows open & the soft breezes going thru the house.
The kids each helped paint a picture on a canvas to hang on the wall.

Here's Judah's truck, done totally by himself.

I pencil drew the Lego man and Quinn painted him without my help (except for the bowtie).

The kids are very proud of their new gallery wall with permanent wall art instead of on our bulletin board.
We're SO SAD to see basketball end.  Not only did the kids skill levels skyrocket thru the season but I realize what great basketball players the boys are.  Quinn's great at running and passing & once Judah gets warmed up he makes basket after basket. I'm so proud of them!

Judah's teacher came & watched him play!

So did Ivan & Kat!
As a parent, nothing makes you happier than when your friends & family come to support your kids.

Viviana loved basketball because as part of keeping her content in the games she got a ring pop each game.

We got to enjoy the Hanahan Amphitheater after the game for a little bit.  There are few things better than the fall in Michigan and the spring in Charleston!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How we roll.....

It's funny because for at least 2 weeks Judah was begging me to watch them skateboard. Those 2 weeks were the crazy ice storms & feezing cold weather so going outside watching kids skateboard never seemed like a great idea after work and the weekends were so busy, so I finally got to watch them this weekend on a much needed low key Sunday Funday.
Here they go......

This girl has no fear.....

This one, despite helmet & wrist guards (worn backwards, Lol) was VERY timid on his skateboard. Sort of how I feel getting back on a skateboard. I look at that thing and see a hip replacement in my future with one good attempt at an Ollie! Shoot, maybe even just rolling down the sidewalk I'd blow my knee out! Hahaha.

Spoken like a true fat kid, this is more my speed. I have SUCH fond memories eating push-up pops growing up. Not a whole lot better than orange sherbert.
EXCEPT, when it's all over your child when you've walked to the dollar general and let them eat them in the parking lot next door while the boys chase each other like banshees (while eating theirs). And you have no napkin, or stain remover (on her new sweater none the less), and I realize the older I get the more anxiety I have over giant sticky messes! Why can't I just be one of those people that says, stop & smell the roses, let them smear that popsicle ALL OVER their whole bodies, we'll have a fun bubble bath at home!  Every single day we intentionally make moments with the kids. I just try & make sure those moments have the least amount of goop, glitter, paint, glue as possible. (& thank God for a nanny who loves to dive into that stuff & doesn't mind to clean up those messes!)

Straight happiness there. And look at her incisors that finally came in. ALL of her teeth (aside from a few molars) are finally in (that took FOREVER btw). Quinn is convinced she's a vampire they're so sharp. And he thinks he must be a vampire too since his are equally sharp.
On a side note, our kids do have extremely pointy incisors. Both G & I have very pointy ones. Mine were so sharp and I bit my cheek so often finally when I was either in high school or in college I had them filed down!

All of the pics in this post are from my camera phone and so I wanted to post this one random pic from this weekend of Viviana & her Tio. Isn't it too precious!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What comes around goes around merry go round!

They say what comes around goes around.
Boy is that true with my kids NEED to ride every single little ride & have every single piece of candy/gum we see in a machine.
I know I bugged my parents like crazy when I was a kid. And they always cash, so that means I ate a LOT of candy & rode a lot of $.25 rides in my life.
We NEVER carry cash, so instead the kids sit on the ride & we shake it. Hahaha.
They need to create rides that take a debit card!
Miss Sassafras & her favorite brother. (the one who protects her more rather than bonking her on the head with a bouncy ball, sorry Quinn, Judah earned that title).

I bet if Guillermo & I pushed hard enough we could've made that thing spin circles! JUST kidding.

This weekend was an impromptu PURGE in our house.  When we emptied our pantry it was spread over every single square inch of our kitchen. It was SO NICE to organize & give away so many of our things. And now I can even see all of our serving dishes we keep in the pantry! And maybe they'll even get used!
For the first time in our life in this house we even cleared off the top of the fridge using the new space in the pantry (well except the "bread basket")... it's the little things in life that really amaze & satisfy me. I should've taken a picture. Lol.

And we organized the bottom of Vivi's closet. New basket for diapers/wipes/pull ups (which I haven't had to buy in 3 weeks due to potty training, thank you Jesus). Purged her too small clothes & put her too big clothes in the attic.  Ahhhh.... serenity.

Elizabeth gave us these gorgeous striped bags which replaced the basket & circle container (which is now on the ground) so it's easier for the kids to pull down these toy containers to play with the toys & then put back. I love being organized, now if the kids can just help keep their stuff in the same containers!
And we took a whole carload to Goodwill, and gave 4 bags to friends! I LOVE purging.
Thanks for the inspiration E! ;)

& you have more room to rock out. Doesn't Judah look like a serious jazz drummer here? Lol.

Sunday we got to celebrate the adorable little birthday boy James. Or in our house "Baby Quatro" (his nickname, since he's the 4th)

Looks like Vivi is a bit enamored with James.

Most adorable party favors!

Guillermo & Rusty. Back in the olden days it was thrashing & head banging together, now it's daddy duty. :)

Terri & Vanna. Cuteness.

Look at that handsome lil dude.

Just over all a great weekend. We were pooped.

Charleston is such a show off. Look at this view & that sky!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Breakfast at Viviana's.....

Planning parties is SO MUCH fun!
And planning girly parties is even better.
I knew I wanted to do something outrageously girly for Vivi before she can tell me that she wants a Paw Patrol party or something crazy.
So we did a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" tea party.....
Julie sent the cutest little outfit, complete with tiara & pearls for the birthday girl.

Thank God my Mom had the cutest tea pots & table cloths so I didn't have to buy those.
I got two sets of china from my favorite store (community thrift) for under $5 (30 pieces in total).. so the little girls could've smashed the cups & saucers on the ground and there'd be no loss!

And of course thanks to Aunt Julie, lots of old Tiffany catalogs for d├ęcor....and the two most adorable tiffany blue box serving bowl & dish set!!!

Every party I've ever had has had publisher made graphics, and print them out at Kinkos. SUPER CHEAP & a huge way to impact & personalize your party!

Yogurt parfait station. HIT of the party. Every single child and adult partook of this (I think)....
Of course the shrimp & grits were awesome too, but the dang picture won't load.

My sweet, spunky, adorable little birthday girl.

Viviana gets SO SHY when people sing her happy birthday & covers her mouth....

And cute little Stella covers her ears. :)

Viviana is a baby monster, she wants to touch them constantly. Adorable baby Autumn was so content though having 2 big sisters to dote on her.

Everyone gave the sweetest things! THANK YOU!!

Clark, with his 3 girls reminded me so much of my Dad. He would put princess dresses on for the girls and go "play" with them. So precious.

We had SUCH a good time with our sweet little girl friends.
Thanks to everyone for making my little sweetheart feel so special!!