Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Christmas Biggun'!!

This is a big ol' Christmas post with tons of pictures which I've been working on, loading & adding to & leaving for another time for a week now.
I love the Christmas busy-ness, but this has been one for the books! :)
It's almost like looking back I think there is no way it's all over & it's January 2nd already! Major sadness.
To the joys!
Judah with his awesome elf hat from school. & Major YAY for having my favorite school boy at home for all this time!
Ok, this is totally non-Christmas related, BUT I had to post my great deal!
I've always said, if you wait long enough you WILL find what you want on Craigslist... well I've been waiting to find some toy bins like the ones from Land of Nod ($199/each - I wanted 2) for over a year.  And lo & behold, patiently waiting and found these- 2 for $25!
Woo hoo!

One of our favorite parts about the holidays is seeing all of our favorite people!  This was one of the wonderful gatherings we had with our peeps.....

Look at this party platter the Quintons brought over. YUMMM.

All of our boys have grown up so much! Dante is in college! Tear.

It is MAGIC spending so many days in a row with the kids over the holidays. I took off 4 days, had 3 holidays & 2 weekends, which means TONS of great DL time with the kids. My little happy oatmeal baby!
Rebecca & Will spent the weekend before Christmas until Christmas Eve in Charleston. We had a great time & great weather to go do fun stuff outside.

Only in Sunny SC would this be your Christmas picture! This is beautiful but oh, how I wish for snow.

This is at our Church's Christmas service.  Gmo played drums & yes, he wore his Santa t-shirt & Steelers hat. Maybe next year I can convince him to dress in swaddling clothes to equal out the Santa love to the baby Jesus love. JK!! 

(Look at Viviana's little precious "praying hands"....)
2012 vs. 2013

Christmas Eve is always fun, celebrating Jesus' birthday party & Mimi got the kids ornaments to decorate for her little "kid ornament" tree.

Papa reading the Christmas Story.

Judah's birthday card to Jesus & his "gift" to Jesus this year.
And of course this little one was about explode with excitement for Santa to come!!

Guillermo & I were probably as excited for the kids to open their gifts as they were to get them! God has blessed our family so richly with such generous friends & family who also gave our kids so many amazing things!

Like the Q's giving the boys Gavins old guitars & amps! How COOL is that??

If there was a thought bubble above Quinn's head it'd be him as a mega rock star shredding out!
This year was very special because we got to have my parents over and have a leisurely time opening up the kids gifts and eating breakfast at our house! First year ever doing that since usually my sisters are in town for Christmas and we hurry over to my parents house....(although we missed them GREATLY over Christmas. Boo)

Judah's favorite gift, Santa brought him his Switch n' Go Dino.

Quinn wants to BE Santa!

Can you tell how excited Quinn was for Santa bringing him the race track he wanted??

Abuela & Abuelo blessed the kids with their lego table & power ranger legos, which they LOVE.

& they gave Vivi the cutest twin baby dolls & twin baby doll changing/sleep/eating station.

The awesome Disney princess set I got from Once upon a child.

Lincoln logs given to us as hand me downs from their son at least 6 years ago, it's sat in the attic until the perfect Lincoln log ages. :)
Not pictured is the worlds largest box of thousands of legos given to us from a coworker's son who is grown now that they stored in their attic and gave to us about 2 years ago and we've waited until the perfect lego ages & that perfect table.
What blessings!!

Quinn says "Viviana is going to make the best mama someday"... tis true Quinn!

& Vivi's plastic bling which she was so proud of and promptly broke both earrings within the day.

Ivan's birthday is also on Christmas! Happy Birthday Bro! And we are so excited for them, over the holidays they got engaged!! So "Miss Kat" has officially graduated to Aunt Kat! We are so excited for them!

Christmas night we went to my parents house

The kids favorite things, the "bubba teeth" in their stockings. Lol.

Viviana was in DOLL HEAVEN this Christmas!

Vivi taking selfies with her new "phone"....

Vivi showing me her manicure (which is basically clear nail polish with a few glitter pieces. Lol)

And despite holidays, the sports must go on (apparently, I'm new at this)... can you believe b-ball practice the day after Christmas!  The boys LOVE it. And I love trying to keep Viviana from running out onto the courts (not).

And after a 2nd attempt we finally sat in the traffic to go to one of our favorite traditions, the Festival of Lights. Not is it just because it's beautiful but this is where our wedding reception was 8 years ago. So we go every year as part of that remembrance.

Strangers & my camera. You have to hold the button down until it focuses. In the darkness of the night it was too complicated to show the guy. This is one of our annual photos to compare how we've grown. And by grown, I mean the kids, not G & my bellys. ;)
2013 vs. 2012- look at how little Vivi was!

I hope your 2014 is blessed in EVERY single way and this is the BEST YEAR of your life!

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