Friday, January 31, 2014

Brrrrr. YAYYYYY!!!! Potty training. Boo.

I loooooove. LOVE. love. the cold weather.
I love bundling up. I love the snuggling.
Seeing these little boots all in a row makes me so happy!!

After watching Karate Kid, Judah & Quinn have been working on their ninja skills! Look at Judah's round house kick!

There was barely any snow to play with at our house but the kids found every chunk of ice to break/eat/lick.....

I had so much fun taking pictures of the pretty ice.

Ice fangs.
My pretty little snow bunny.


One day when we got home Judah just started picking up the storm debris without being asked. I was so proud of him!


It was Vivi's birthday last Sunday, the 26th & she was SO cute with her cupcake. She was soooo excited. 
I remember so vividly her birth. I had the best labor of my life, being induced is a dream, until the very end when it was determined because she was forehead up instead of down that I'd need an emergency C-section, after laboring & pushing all day & night. 
I remember as I was anxious to go under the knife I closed my eyes and remembered a scene from earlier that week, of Quinn looking lovingly in my eyes and singing me a song.  I remember while I was closing my eyes I felt a shadow sweep over me, sort of like when something passes over a light source and I feel like there was an angel in the room with me. I've never felt that before.
I remember seeing her and just staring at her little girl parts in half disbelief that she really was a girl, that I really HAD a girl! What an absolute gift she is.

So for the past month or so Vivi has been increasingly been asking to use the potty. By about 2 weeks ago she'd ask over & over & over.  I finally told her when she's 2, a "big girl" that she could go potty on the big kids potty.  So potty training started on her birthday.
She even opened up her presents on her potty.
Here's my 2 cents on potty training.
With Judah potty training was ok. We just did what we thought was right and within a couple of weeks he was pee trained, but it took him 9 months (makes me shiver thinking about it, what a nightmare it was) to poop train.
With Quinn we tried "potty train in a day" because my sister had so much success with it with her son Devon.
Tips for "potty train in a day" that worked for us.
1. WAIT until they are ready. Wait until they are OVER ready. Even under the best of circumstances potty training SUCKS, so wait until they ASK to go & understand when they've gone to the bathroom. I'd rather potty train a 3 year old than have accidents for many, many months.
2. Make it a huge deal when they start and NO more diapers, except for emergencies & nighttime. Let them be half naked for many days until they get it that they pee on the floor or the potty & pray it's not on your couch or nice rug. Make them sit on the potty ALL day long. And let them drink exciting drinks ALL day long so they have to go. 
3. Have something fun for them to do while they sit & wait. Books, toys, or TV. Vivi probably sits on the potty 6 hours a day. She's become a TOTAL TV junkie and has watched more TV in the past week than in her whole life. She never cared too much for TV but is a total Paw Patrol addict. It's the only show she'll watch and even like a zombie came in my room the other morning from her bed & said "Paw Patrol Mama".
4. If they just aren't ready, pack up shop, start again in a few months. On this method Quinn was fully pee trained in 2 days & poop trained in a few weeks. (although he still has accidents at night, where as Judah never did/does- every kid is different at night and it doesn't have a whole lot to do with daytime training)
5.  Reward for potty.  They all get/got 2 M&Ms for pee, and for poop, a toy. Kids are totally freaked to go poop in the potty.  I had a Dr tell me that until a certain age their brain/muscles won't even coordinate to poop on command, which is one reason maybe it took so long for Judah (ugh, just shivered again. Someone help me if Vivi does the same)...  I bought the miniature my little ponys for her toy for poo... after she goes 6 times she'll start getting M&Ms...
6. The verdict is still out with Vivi whether we'll continue. So far so good, but she's also been half naked sitting on a potty everyday for almost a week. I think she's finally getting it but we'll see. I have NO problem starting again in a few months if it doesn't work out.
We shall see!

Every single person in my family could sing the Paw Patrol theme song in their sleep at this point.

And with all of these awesome, unexpected weather days at home we've been cooking up a storm. We raided the asain supermarket, well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but G made some slamming fried rice the other day.
All I can say is 1. giant bag of bean sprouts $1.21.  2. Hoisin sauce, YUM- use it in Ramen noodles someday, you feel like you're eating something other than Ramen noodles.  3. Silver Swan special soy sauce isn't THAT special, other than it's only $2.99 for a GIANT bottle.  4. Always fry your rice in sesame oil. You don't have to thank me for the smell in your house (delicious). and 5. Hi-Chew. A friend was so thrilled their friend brought it from somewhere in Asia that they publically thanked them. Being the candy junky that I am, I thought it'd change my life. It's a-ight. Not sure if it was gum or candy at first. But at least I can cross of hi-chew from my bucket list. Lol.

Rice bowl. YUM.
Or Co-neee-chi-wa.

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Paw patrol toys have been a real potty training motivator at our house!